Lunch 03.19.09

Our wedding and life after has made it to my daily thoughts and actions. It seems that the rest of my afternoon and nights for the next few weeks will be wedding-centric! Yesterday I zoomed around looking for table number frames- in the end my sister in law found some fab ones. By the time I was done with my run + shopping I was too tired and still had more to do so I wanted a brown rice sushi roll from Whole Foods. It had been 3 hours since my run and I didn’t have the patience to cook. Sadly, when I showed up, all the sushi was gone.. so I settled on…a roasted chicken. Very random. Anyway, I had a little last night and then prepped some for today.

For lunch I had mixed greens + 3.7 oz cooked rotisserie chicken + 1/4 avocado + tiny bit of Annie’s balsamic dressing.


And a classic granola bar too. I used to eat one of those babies every day my senior year of high school. I was feeling nostalgic went market shopping while hungry and bought a box. I feel like I’m back in Calc class!!!

Calories: 390
Fat: 16 g
Carbs: 27 g
Fiber: 7 g
Protein: 36 g

Come back later for a fun guest post by PhillyBoy!


4 responses to “Lunch 03.19.09

  1. Ew Calc 😦 Can’t wait for the guest post!!

  2. how do you get avocado to not turn brown after cutting it up??

  3. april- I just squeeze a teeny bit of lemon juice on it and it doesn’t turn brown.

  4. thanks so much, I can’t wait to try that!

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