Are you there Boston readers?

Boston/Rhodey Meetup!


(still trying to figure out how to recreate this fabulous plate from Small Plates in Boston)

Calling all East Coasters! I am going to put together a blogger meetup for Sunday, May 3rd somewhere in the Boston area. I know it is kind of far in advance but since I am getting crazy busy {as I am sure you all are too} I want to plan ahead!!!!

If you are interested in joining the fun please email me! And if you happen to have a blog include it in the email! I have kind of always tossed myself in with the Boston bloggers since we don’t have that many in Rhode Island, but I know there are some of you rhodeys around here, and I hope you come too!!! {Heather I think that is the weekend you are in R.I. right?!?!}

Look forward to hearing from you!


P.S. C’e` qualcuno che sta leggendo da Roma! Chi sei?! Scrivimi!!! 🙂


14 responses to “Are you there Boston readers?

  1. Hi! I missed out on the last one at Small Plates but would love to be included on this one.
    I live a little outside of Boston, but link myself with the Boston bloggers as well.
    Hope to meet up with everyone for this one. Thanks for organizing.

  2. Aw I wish I was in Boston!!

  3. i cant go 😦 wedding on the west coast on the 2nd.

    but have fun! ill send my bloggie love.

  4. I’m there! 🙂

  5. Are you talking about the half marathon in RI? I am only doing that one if the Brooklyn one is cancelled. I am not sure I will be home that weekend, but I will definitely attend if I am!!!!!

  6. wish i was thereeeee 😦 i wanna meet up!

  7. yay! i will be there sabrina! just throwing myself in there too.. i mean im at my parents house in Mass all the time during the week- so it counts right??

  8. I’m not in Boston or in Rome, but I just had to write and say how proud I was that I could read your PS (after one year of college Italian & being pretty fluent in Spanish). I’m a new reader & enjoy your blog!

  9. count me in! at least right now it’s open 🙂 woohoo!!!

  10. If you’re planning on Sunday evening, I’m definitely in! My bridesmaids will be in Boston from Sat-Sun for my “bachelorette” weekend, but they’ll be on their separate ways by Sunday night. I’ll email you 🙂

  11. Katie: Brava!! E grazie per il complimento! Sei troppo carina!

    All my Bostonians and more: so excited you are all around that night!!

  12. I should be around on May 3rd. I’ll email you in a bit… 🙂

  13. Yay! I am almost positive I can do that day!!! I would love for another meet up!! Keep me posted 🙂

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