Breakfast for lunch… or lunch for lunch.

When I was little my mom always made omelets in arabic bread wrapped up in foil for trips to the beach. It was our lunch, and I never thought it was weird. To me, eggs are a perfectly acceptable lunch food, and I know that is also true in many countries. What are your thoughts on the subject? We are talking about important things here!

To get in some protein and vegetables today I made an omelet with nonstick cooking spray, 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, a huge handful of chopped cooked spinach, and 1 oz of organic shredded mozzarella cheese. It was absolutely delicious. I love high volume meals, and I bet many of you do too. By adding a lot of spinach, not only do I get some great nutrients, I also get a good size lunch!



In the afternoon I became very hungry and tried to delay it for a little while with some seltzer and hot water. I was finally able to step away from my desk and made myself an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin with about 1 tbs of peanut butter and 1/3 of a banana, sliced thinly. I absolutely love these Sandwich Thins. PB does too. Now when we go to the Wegman’s in Cherry Hill I buy several packs of Sandwich Thins and Flat Out wraps and we keep them in the freezer. The Whole Foods near our house does not carry either brand, and we do not go to Wegman’s very often. I am trying hard to streamline our grocery shopping, but we inevitably have way too many packs of dried fruits, cereals, grains (white rice, brown rice, couscous, basmati rice, orzo, pasta, whole wheat pasta, and the list goes one), and nuts.


When I moved to Philadelphia I thought I had outgrown this design from Target (they still have it for sale at a great deal). I had the whole set… dinner plates, appetizer plates, mugs, bowls etc. In my post-move high I trashed/donated almost the entire set, except for a few bowls and two mugs. I regret it. I think it is good to hold on to a few fun things from single life, like this set!

Update on my cut finger: It is extremely awkward to do anything, especially typing, tying shoes, and anything that involves getting my finger wet (which makes it throb oddly).

I am enjoying sharing my meals with you this week, but I have some recipes and restaurants I am itching to share, too!

Two random tips today:

1. Organize (read: label) and reply to emails as soon as you receive them, when they are fresh in your mind. It will help you feel and stay organized and in control. I never have more than 20 emails in my inbox, and those are the ones that need major action (like planning a party).

2. In the same regard, do your dishes right away! PB had to teach me this one, but now I do all of the cooking pots and pans right away, dry them, and put them away (ok he does it a lot of the time, but when I am home during the day I do it myself). I love not having to worry about scrubbing a pot after lunch because I already did it!




And a LOVEly Weekend.


12 responses to “Breakfast for lunch… or lunch for lunch.

  1. I’m a bit obsessive at cleaning dishes and pans. I like to have things clean before I even eat!

  2. Finger cuts are the WORST! I always Super Glue mine shut. Isn’t that disgusting!

  3. oh wow, I’m really enjoying these series of food posts. Your eats are not only healthy, but also very lovely to look at! I love the stark contrast of the spinach’s deep green with the almost luminous pallor of the omelet 😉

    I grew up eating lots of eggs too (I come from a family with very, very low cholesterol) so we would have eggs with almost every meal! For lunch we would usually have them hardboiled after being steeped in soy sauce + tea leaves.

    Hope your finger feels better soon; looking forward to more food/recipes/restaurant review posts!

  4. I love the single life cup! I hate having dishes in the sink. I can’t enjoy my food unless I have everything cleaned up before I eat.

  5. Huge piles of veggies folded inside of eggs is one of my favorite go-to meals. Easy, filling, delicious. PS- LOVE and miss Wegmans SOOO MUCH

  6. Anyon who say eggs aren’t a lunch food is just wrong! And like you said, they’re great because you can pump them up and pimp them out with all kinds of veggies.

  7. We had omelets a lot for dinner, especially with soup. We also used to have this cold one w/ pepperoni at Easter.

  8. i love having omelettes for meals other than breakfast! actually, i had one for dinner tonight!
    hope your finger feels better, and i really love your mug!

  9. Eggs are acceptable at any time of day. Pancakes too!

  10. Thank you mostly for the “update” on your finger! We’re all cheering for those platelets to start forming.

  11. I think the sammie thin and banana picture could have been taken from my own kitchen – I eat the same thing, those thins are so good!

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