Planes & Whole Foods

When I travel on planes I am always more hungry. I can’t decide if it is boredom or actual hunger, but I always eat more when traveling. I saved my snack to have on the plane for this very reason. Am I alone in this?

On our flight from Philadelphia to Denver I had a small container of pistachios I had purchased in the airport as well as a Luna Protein Bar in the chocolate peanut butter flavor. I really like these bars although I wouldn’t call them protein bars necessarily- they don’t contain that much protein. I also had some sparkling water, one of my favorite beverages.

Dottie, from Food Cents, lives in Colorado and sent me some tips for our trip. One tip she gave us was the address for a Whole Foods right off of Route 70, right on out way to Beaver Creek. That tip saved us! We hopped in our rental and headed straight there to eat dinner and grab some groceries for our room.

We all made big salads from the salad bar. Mine had mixed greens, romaine lettuce, artichoke hearts, roasted chicken, a few peas, dried cherries, shredded carrots, 2 delicious tortilla chips and some balsamic dressing.

This was delicious and perfectly satisfying. A lot of time in these situations we end up eating junk that doesn’t even taste good. I am happy we had a nice healthy dinner.

As soon as we got back in the car I shared one of my mini muffins with Gina (see yesterday’s post for details). I then had my own whole one!!

I now feel great- not full and not hungry either. This is the ideal way I’d like to feel after every meal.

This morning I woke up early but not early enough and had to choose between doing my hair and having it look nice tonight and tomorrow or going for my run. I chose my hair, how vain! I actually happy though because my legs are super sore from my strength workout and run yesterday.

PB is driving and Jake, Gina’s husband, is the navigator. That means Gina and I can nap in the back. Buona notte!

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6 responses to “Planes & Whole Foods

  1. I am totally the same way on the plane!
    and in the airport too for some reason.
    I wanna buy snacks I rarely do (howdy CHEETOS) and foods I dont even love (GREETINGS Sabarro pizza).

    not sure what thats about either πŸ™‚

  2. I find the same thing on planes. I love having little snacks to keep me busy through the flight… I wonder if it is because we always had snacks as kids when we went on holiday. Water is a must! I always drink a ton and hate to bug the flight attendants so often.

  3. I always find myself more hungry on planes- not sure whats up with that! I think it must be boredom πŸ™‚ We’re such on the go ladies- its hard to sit still! I google the location of starbucks, whole foods, and trader joes before all of my trips πŸ™‚ Gotta know where the important stuff is. Have a BLAST!

  4. I always treat travel, regardless if it is personal or business, like a food vacation. Something I have to work hard on! I love to have candy snacks on the plane – jelly beans or Mike Ikes. Guilty pleasure. I’m getting better though! Have fun in CO!

  5. The cookie dough bars are by far my favorite! And I agree that they’re not so much protein with all the sugar in their, too, but some is definitely better than none

  6. Voted today. Good luck with the Cake Off. Great thing you did!

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