The Food Diaries

After losing weight and maintaining for almost two years, I have been focusing on losing a few more lbs (which really means, just getting to a point where I am very comfortable in my body). I have been trying to do so very, very slowly by making good food choices but still enjoying myself. I have lost the few lbs that crept on after our wedding, but I would like to still lose more. This week I will be sharing my meals and snacks with you- pretty much any bite that crosses my mouth- to show you how it is I eat. I have received this question time and time again, and I am ready to answer! I will do my best to explain why I am eating what I am eating when.

Shall we begin?

Last night PB and I had an indulgent dessert, which meant I woke up with little appetite. I know exactly how well I ate the previous day based on my morning hunger:

No appetite = weight gain
Little appetite = maintain
Very hungry = lost weight

I have really found this to be true over time, and I think my body has a tough time metabolizing food at night. While I know a calorie is a calorie, I have found that I can eat a lot of food if it is healthy and I don’t eat too late. If, however, I eat a late healthy meal, or I eat junk during the day, I find I gain weight. It is important to know how your own body works, and that is how mine is.

This morning I woke up and wasn’t very hungry, but I knew that if I didn’t eat breakfast then I wouldn’t have a chance to eat again for a few hours. I am trying to stay really focused at work in the mornings which means no late breakfast! I was also really thirsty, and a smoothie sounded great. Knowing myself, a protein smoothie with nothing to chew would leave me unsatisfied, so I also had a mini Flat Out wrap (the 60 calorie ones) with a smear of peanut butter and a few slices of banana.



My protein smoothie had 1/2 banana, 1 scoop chocolate protein, and 1 tbs peanut butter. I always measure my peanut butter. I haven’t had powdered protein in a long time, but I know my body needs more protein with all the lifting I have been doing in recent weeks, so I am trying to honor that. This shake turned out to be huge since I added so much ice, so the leftover bit in the blender went to PB, which was probably about 1/4 of it?


Around 10:30 I was hungry again and had 2 tbs Sabra hummus with a few baby carrots and a few pretzels. Baby carrots are a waste to buy since they are just adult carrots cut up, but these were on sale! I like having mini snacks a couple of times a day between meals. Please note how small this plate is- it fits in the palm of my hand. I eat lots of my meals with small spoons, forks, plates and bowls to make it appear that I am eating a larger portion. I enjoy my meals more that way.


I posted last night’s post quite late, so here is a link in case you missed it!

14 responses to “The Food Diaries

  1. I have been trying to incorporate more protein in my diet as well, so I have also turned to protein powder. I think it is such an easy thing to throw into smoothies or in your morning oats.

    I have found since I have increased my protein intake, although very slightly, I have become much less snacky.

    It looks like you are focused and on the path for success in losing those last few lbs. The whole battle is knowing and understanding your own body!

  2. I haven’t tried the kids flat out’s yet, but I always want to grab them in the store. I love my protein powder and usually have protein at each meal, but I totally hear you on needing something to ‘chew’ – I need the same.

  3. Hi Sabrina! I really enjoy reading your blog. I am a URI alum (but was not born and raised in RI) so I can definitely relate to missing the ocean state! Anyway, I am wondering what you mean by you know if you gained weight because of what you ate the night before? If you only had one indulgent meal the entire week and the next day you weigh a little more it’s just because your body is still digesting (same with if you eat closer to bed time). I always find that my weight levels out two or three days later after an indulgent meal. Maybe this is what happens to you too?

    • HI Jessica! Thank you for your comment. I guess I didn’t write that out properly. I meant that I know I ate more calories than I needed. Most of the time it evens itself out, but only because I will eat a bit less another day (and wake up hungry the next morning). Does that make sense?

      • Yup, thanks! This happens to me as well. I usually wake up starving in the morning! If I don’t, then I usually had a big meal the night before. I also avoid weighing myself for a few days after an indulgent meal 😉

  4. I also put protein in my smoothies… I use a powder. I find that it keeps me satisfied a lot longer. I think that what you said about waking up hungry or not is true for me as well… I am going to start paying more attention.

  5. It’s fun to see what you eat!
    I’ve never been able to feel full after drinking a smoothie. I don’t know how y’all do it 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing more of your eats.

  6. I’m going through a bit of the same thing as you- I just have a couple pounds I’d like to drop. It definitely helps a lot to put things on a small plate and to SIT DOWN and pay attention to what we’re eating! Too often I eat in front of my computer or while reading. I really should stop doing that.

  7. Great job on getting in the extra protein! As you know, I’ve been focusing on that as well. I haven’t seen the kid flat outs- I will have to look for those. Hope your Monday is going well

  8. I’m the same way — I know if I wake up and have no appetite, I ate way too much and too crappy the day before. I need to focus on eating a good amount of protein throughout the day… I tend to get a lot of it at one meal and then overeat on carbs the rest of the day.

  9. Seems like you´re off to a great start!
    I even have to say, your smoothie looked delicious 😉
    Good luck!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  10. Yes listen to your own body. I find I do best eating less at night too. My digestive system seems to shut down at night.

    Wish you all the best with your weight lose. Little changes at time and before you know it will be gone ; )

  11. i think it’s great how you understand your body! im’ still coming to grips with mine…i’m trying to get different kinds of food in since i can’t seem to keep myself satisfied…it’s all an experiment!

  12. Interesting observations on hunger.

    I find that if I eat less at night I’m less hungry. And if I overeat (+ alcohol) Im STARVING!

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