Ski Trip Grocery List

Skiing (or snowboarding, in my case) can be an expensive sport. Lift tickets cost a lot of money (between $50 and $80 at the places we go), and most of the time we have to stay in a hotel. This weekend PB and I are going skiing in New Hampshire with another couple and are staying in a nice ski in/ski out hotel. We opted for a room with a fridge and small kitchenette, so we will all be able to save a bit of money by eating breakfast and lunch in our room. We will also be able to save room for delicious dinners out. I am happy to know that we will have healthy breakfast and lunch options this weekend. Luckily, our friends are health conscious too and like many of the same foods as us.

Here we are on the same trip last year, when PB could barely stand up on his snowboard (This year is going to be a LOT more fun):


I am in charge of picking up the groceries, so I chose a few items we could easily make in the kitchenette.

Breakfast items:
Mini bagels with peanut butter and banana (or jam)
Mini bagels with cream cheese

Lunch items:
Turkey wraps
Falafel Wraps (Gina is bringing the falafel)
Sides: carrots, unsalted pretzels

Here is our grocery list:

-mini whole wheat bagels
-one bunch bananas
-1 jar peanut butter
-1 jar jam
-cream cheese
-1 pack whole wheat wraps
-1 pack fun wraps or pita
-1.5 lb organic deli turkey
-2 avocado
-2 containers Sabra hummus
-1/2 lb provolone cheese
-2 tomatoes
-family size bag baby carrots
-1 bag unsalted pretzels
-a few oranges
-case of water
-case of seltzer
-instant coffee
-tea bags
-hot cocoa

I took the instant coffee, peanut butter, jam, cream cheese, tea, hot cocoa, pickles and oranges from our house. The rest of the groceries cost $63. That is $15.75/person for 4 meals, or $3.94/meal/person. Last weekend, at Windham in NY, PB and I spent about $20 each for lunch (ok, ok, HE spent $40 for us for one lunch). Bringing our own food is going to save us a lot of money, and we get to eat a healthier meal.

In other news, PB and I joined a gym last night! We will be driving all the way to Cherry Hill (30 minutes) once or twice a week to SWIM! We are signed up for a sprint triathlon in July with friends and need to get into swimming shape soon. I am SO excited! I am also so excited for this work day to be over so we can get in the car and head up to the mountains!!!


18 responses to “Ski Trip Grocery List

  1. That’s great you found a gym that works for you! I couldn’t find a good match over the break; I’m happy to have my college gym once more

  2. Oh have fun this weekend!!!! (this one showed up on my reader-so strange)

  3. Have a fun time this weekend!

  4. Have fun!
    Good luck with swimming. I’m a terrible swimmer 😦

  5. Have you ever tried Stacy’s pita chips?? They go so perfectly with Sabra, they are baked, and they have a bunch of multigrain flavors! My roommates and I love them so much we have to go to BJ’s to get the industrial sized bags!!

    • PB and I bought 3 bags one day this summer to go along with my guacamole. The next day both the guac and the chips were gone. They are way addicting!

      Happy almost weekend1 Great job on your chicken piccata!

  6. have fun in the snow!!! i’m kinda jealous, but then don’t miss the cold!

  7. you are goign to have so much fun! part of living in iowa means i dont get to spend time on the slopes like i used to (im from massachusetts). but i can relive it through your adventures!

  8. gah! take me in your pocket!

  9. thanks for posting this, S! BF and I are going to tahoe in a month and we’re also staying at a ski in – ski out resort with a kitchen. Bookmark!

  10. Hi there! I’m in the Philly area, too, so I wanted to say hi! It’s fun to find another blogger in the area. 🙂 Great blog!

  11. That is such a good idea bringing groceries to make breakfast and lunch. A great way to save money too. It also makes dinner something more to look forward to. Eating out is great, but three meals a day gets a bit much – you don’t really appreciate it as much.

    I hope that you guys have a great weekend. I would love to go skiing! It has been way too long!

  12. Ooh the gym I went to last week in Ireland had a pool and it was sooo nice, especially with it being cold outside. Hope you had a fun weekend, we always try to have a kitchenette on our travels to fix quick, cost-saving snacks and meals!

  13. Hi!! What gym in Cherry Hill?? I use to belong to LA Fitness in Cherry Hill.

  14. Sounds like a fun and healthy weekend!

  15. I go by there everyday to and from work. It’s on Rt 70, right?? What do you think of it? It’s one of my goals to get my butt back in the gym.

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