Gonna Give Mickey a High Five!

I am nervous.

This weekend PhillyBoy and I are heading down to DisneyWorld to run in the half marathon!!!! It will be our second (real) half marathon! We are super excited and are running on behalf of the Rally Foundation. I don’t feel completely ready as the wind & cold have left me with a few treadmill workouts and more skipped runs than I care to admit. I know it will be fun though!

PB has never been to DisneyWorld as an adult! There is so much to show him!



Thanks to Twitter I am armed with different details we ought to know for the weekend… and we are stoked. Ashley, of Healthy Ashley, organized a lunch meetup for Saturday. See her post for details if you want to join in the fun!

Anyway, that is one of the reasons our Armenian Christmas dinner party prep (party is tomorrow- Wednesday) is even more well organized than other parties we have hosted in the past. We got home from Rhode Island late Sunday (due to car trouble), and are leaving for Disney Friday. PB had a lot of work to do so we had to be super organized to get everything done. It is currently 11:23 PM and this is what I have done this afternoon:

– Set the table and selected serving trays
– Rolled the vegetarian grape leaves (siyami)
– Prepped the spinach gratin (an Ina Garten recipe- post to come soon)
– Set a tray with the coffee cups, dessert napkins, etc. for easy dessert display at the end of the meal
– Moved the Christmas tree to make room for the giant table

PB, my super helpful husband (and secret weapon to successful dinner parties), did the following:

– Cleaned 3 pomegranates
– Chopped 2 onions for the spinach gratin
– Folded all laundry
– Washed all my prep pots!

What a guy!

It helps to do so much ahead of time so that tomorrow before work all I have to do is:

– Make the chocolate mousse
– Make the fresh whipped cream

And after work I will:

– Roast the tenderloin
– Cook the siyami (vegetarian stuffed grape leaves) & bake off the spinach gratin
– Prepare the salad
– And a few other last minute things…

In the meantime… I am going to head to dreamland where I will dream of the Disney Half Marathon! It’s on Saturday!


20 responses to “Gonna Give Mickey a High Five!

  1. Sabrina have a wonderful “Armenian” Christmas, in Philly!! And good luck at the marathon, can’t wait to read about it. I love reading all your blogs!

  2. Have a great Christmas, girl! You are so close!

  3. SUCH a huge running fan as well! Do I know you from another life? Have I mentioned Disney is one of me and my family’s favorite places ON EARTH. Best of luck!!

  4. You are going to be more prepared than many for the cold weather I think they are expecting! Have fun at Armenian Christmas!

  5. Good luck in the Half!

  6. You guys are going to do great at the half marathon!

  7. it will be so nice to get away from this chilly new england weather and somewhere warm! good luck in the race!!

  8. Hey! You are going to do great! I can’t wait to hear about the whole experience.

    Isn’t it SO nice when someone (like your PB!) realizes how much you’ve taken on and puts in some extra effort to ease your load?

  9. ahh what fun! i cant WAIT to hear about your run!! youre gona do great!

  10. I hear its cold in Florida too – hope the weather holds out for you guys!

  11. I am also heading to Orlando to run the full marathon on Sunday. Be sure to pack warm running clothes – it is going to be cold! Good luck to you and PB!

  12. You’re going to do great-don’t be nervous! I know, easier said than done. I can’t wait to hear about the party!!! Happy Armenian Christmas.

  13. The running event this weekend is going to awesome. I can’t wait to read about it on everyone’s blogs!

  14. Can’t wait to meet you at the lunch on Saturday!

  15. maha maaita bilbeisi

    merry armenian xmas, u r so lucky to celebrate xmas twice, it must be real fun, good luck at the marathon, I wish i can go to disney too…

  16. You’ll do awesome, what fun!

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  17. Have safe travels…we cannot wait to meet you Saturday!!

    We have had to re-think our running outfit, looks like a cold one.

  18. GOOD LUCK with your race! I was thinkin about how much I miss the Disney scene… I have only been there ONCE, when I was much younger. Running a race would be a fantastic way to get back into things 😉

    Good luck! You’ll do great. Have fun and say hi to the Mouse!

  19. Omg! I can’t believe PB has never been before !!

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