Wedding: The Guys Get Ready

We have been married for 5 months and all I have shown you is the recap of the girls getting ready?!? I better get moving with these recaps!!!

I assure you the girls were up and ready way before the guys on the morning of our wedding. The ladies met in my rooms (I had two adjoining rooms, one with all the furniture removed) around 7:30 AM to start getting ready! What can I say? We like to primp! The guys, however, met much later…. and I am sure they needed the rest after the late welcome dinner!

All photos are courtesy of LifeFusion Photography, our amazing wedding photographers!!

Thanks for your interest in our wedding- it is fun to share.

A few of our fun friends trashed our room with this penguin that says “ALMOST MARRIED” on toilet paper. PhillyBoy has a thing for penguins, and his family won’t let him (or ME) forget it!


Groomsman Tory (who is engaged to Anita!) and PB goofing off:

PB’s sister Adrina brought him one of his gifts, the SodaStream Penguin carbonated drink maker:

He loved it (we still use it every night to make carbonated water):

PhillyBoy’s cousin Kiki put his shirt on wrong (it was his first time wearing a tux) and the guys got a kick out of it:


Anyone who has ever been out with PB knows he drinks Greygoose on the rocks with a lime. Always. We got all the guys a bottle of Greygoose, some of which got used at our vodka dance (completely separate post… you’ll understand later):


PB was so happy on our wedding day!


Another gift I gave him was a set of cuff links from Tiffany & Co. I had one made with “RG” for RhodeyGirl and the other with “PB” for PhillyBoy.

The story of the name PhillyBoy:

PB and I started dating and I wanted a nickname for him that he wouldn’t necessarily recognize so I could email my friends about him and also to create a label in Gmail for emails from him. I was paranoid that one day, early in our courtship, he would be on my computer and see a gmail label with his real name. Who would date a girl that nuts? (Yes I am that crazy, and Yes I am that organized.) The code name PhillyBoy came to mind and that was that. His emails still get labeled “PB” in my Gmail accounts. I know I am not the only one that did crazy things when first dating someone new… right?


PB had a little too much fun with the boys in our suite…


Way too much fun… Vahan, his best man and cousin, pretending to propose to him:


PB and his dad, the coolest dudes around:


Our photographers got some great shots of the guys goofing off on the escalators at The Westin Providence:

0132_LIFEFUSION2009  0134_LIFEFUSION2009 0135_LIFEFUSION2009

And another one full of love. PB with all of his groomsmen!


We booked a trolley for the wedding party. It was supposed to be air conditioned, white, and have no decorations on the inside. Instead it had no AC, was red with advertisements, and they put ugly fake flowers in it. I felt bad for the guys in the penguin suits.. it was HOT on our wedding day. They managed though.


The last photo….. PB striking a pose in front of church, moments before our ceremony….


Thank you for letting me share some moments from our wedding day!

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15 responses to “Wedding: The Guys Get Ready

  1. Your photographer was fab! I love seeing the ‘guy’ moments – those were some of my favorite pictures since I wasn’t with them before the wedding. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, beautiful photography! I loved seeing my hubby in his ‘before’ shots too- it’s great to see the men with their friends being themselves!

  3. What gorgeous pictures πŸ™‚

  4. Looks like the guys had such a blast. What a special day… obviously πŸ˜‰

  5. Keep the re-caps coming… I looooove weddings…

    The guys look like they were having such a blast and I just love how happy PB looks… it’s so heartwarming!

  6. so happy to finally be reading the recap.. the pictures are just beautiful!

  7. These pictures are so beautiful Sabrina! The guys look like they’re having a great time – love the trolley and the escalator pictures too!

  8. Awesome pictures. They definitely made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

  9. maha maaita bilbeisi

    I love the pictures & all the explanations u provided which makes it more fun, it looks like avery fun day, God bless u both.

  10. so THIS is what goes on behind the scenes! hehe, these posts are awesome! so much fun!

  11. your pictures are so nice!! I love the wedding posts πŸ™‚

  12. Look at those big smiles! Such a happy happy day πŸ™‚

  13. thank you for sharing, looking at all the photos, it made me smile. so special :o)

  14. Loving this! Must get many photos of the guys at my wedding, too! Hope you’re loving life as a newlywed πŸ˜‰

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