The Trifecta: Oikos, POM, & Kashi

My absolute favorite afternoon snack is one that is indulgent yet healthy. I look forward to it all day, and have been known to eat it right after lunch on occasion because I am too excited to wait.

This snack is simple to make, but the flavors are not simple at all. I strongly urge you to give it a chance! You will be surprised at the party in your mouth.

I love that 3 of the 4 ingredients are made my companies I truly respect and adore: Oikos (Stonyfield Farm’s Greek yogurt), POM, and Kashi. The addition of a few mini chocolate chips adds the perfect amount of decadence. When your belly is rumbling but dinner is still hours away, make this.


The Trifecta Yogurt Snack

4 oz container vanilla Oikos yogurt (or the 5.3 oz container, if you are really hungry)
about 40 g fresh POM pomegranate arils (you should be able to get 3-4 days of this snack out of one pomegranate, unless you have a PhillyBoy to sneak spoonfuls of pomegranate after work. How to here)
7 g Nestle Tollhouse mini chocolate chips
1 Kashi TLC Roasted Almond Crunch bar (2 come to a package)

Pour yogurt into a bowl. Place 1 TLC bar in a plastic baggie and crush with a mallet or rolling pin. Top the yogurt with the crushed bar pieces, the pomegranate arils, and the chocolate chips. Mix together and enjoy with the teeniest spoon you own!

P.S. Winner of the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea Giveaway can be found here!

16 responses to “The Trifecta: Oikos, POM, & Kashi

  1. Yum! I love the dark chocolate/pomegranate combo

  2. That combination sounds lovely! I’ve never had pom seeds before!

  3. amen this is sooooo like my nightly snack! I love some cereal with yogurt and some kind of berry!!

  4. I can’t believe I won. I never win.

    ANYWAY, I can’t do POM with sweet stuff-isn’t that weird? It’s either eaten by itself or on a salad. I think I’m a freak. I see it on all these blogs in oatmeal or on yogurt and it turns my stomach. Maybe I should try it?

  5. Oooh bet that crunch would be delish!

  6. That sounds and looks delish!

  7. Yum!! This is one of my favorite things to eat! Soooo good!!

  8. Ah! I didn’t know you did a Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea giveaway! I’m just doing one right now haha. And I thought I was so original πŸ™‚

  9. fantastic combo, i do it all the time! have a wonderful christmas sabrina and pb πŸ™‚

  10. Sounds delicious! In my opinion one can’t go wrong with greek yogurt and anything!

  11. That snack is AMAZING. Had it today!!!

  12. Not only delicious, but really pretty too! Hope you two have a nice Christmas πŸ™‚

  13. Mmmmm I want that yogurt bowl right now!

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