Christmas Eve Menu 2009

Christmas Eve is my favorite holiday to share with my family. I don’t think I will ever be able to miss Christmas Eve at my dad’s house. It is just too special. The house is filled with family, friends, love, Christmas cheer, and of course… food. Throughout the years the menu has remained somewhat the same, but every year we try to make it better and also easier. This year, my sister in law, cousin Raz, and I conferenced on the menu and tried to really streamline it for maximum enjoyment of the night. We are also having our yearly game of Yankee Swap!!

This year’s menu is very similar to last year’s, which you can find here. And last year’s Christmas gift from PB can be found here. If you missed my weight loss story, you can check it out here. Thank you all for your very nice comments & emails!


Christmas Eve 2009

Hummus with carrots and red, green, and yellow peppers
Cheese and crackers (SIL)
Prosciutto e melone
Assorted nuts
Shrimp Cocktail (1 tray prepared by Whole Foods)

Mom’s lasagna (made by auntie?)
Roast (auntie?)
Autumn Stewed Zucchini (me)
Spinach (not sure how yet)
Mixed greens salad with pomegranate, walnuts, fig balsamic & olive oil dressing
Dad’s Arabian salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, onions)
Stuffed grape leaves (two types: vegetarian & meat) (cousins & auntie)
Pita & French bread

Pastiche Fruit tarts
Pastiche Pecan tart
Pastiche large cookie tray
Coffee/tea station

To do:

Now: order meat from butcher, Pastiche baked goods, & Whole Foods shrimp cocktail tray

Monday, December 21:
Fly to Rhode Island
Set up house (tablecloths, find coffee thing, etc.)
Buy plates, napkins, plastic glasses, coffee cups
Dinner with Raz!!!
Buy alcohol, water, sodas

Tuesday, December 22:
Clean pomegranate
Roll grape leaves with the cousins 6 PM

Wednesday, December 23:
Dad makes hummus
Make autumn stewed zucchini
Cut peppers, carrots

Thursday, December 24: NO WORK!   
Pick up good french baguette (2 white, 1 whole grain)
Make arabian salad
Make prosciutto e melone
Make spinaci
Pick up Pastiche tarts
Clean grapes
Set everything up, etc.

Grocery list:
Hummus ingredients
Carrots (2 big bags)
Assorted peppers (9)
1 lb Prosciutto
2 cantaloupe melons
1 Whole Foods shrimp cocktail tray
Roast- and onions (how much)
Lasagna ingredients
Zucchini (12), tomatoes (3 roma), parsley, garlic
Spinach (and other needed ingredients)
3 bags salad
1 pomegranate
Lucini fig balsamic
Arabian salad: tomatoes, cucumber, onion, lemons
French bread (2 white, 1 whole grain)
Coffee & tea (milk, cream, some Splenda, coffee, new tea)



13 responses to “Christmas Eve Menu 2009

  1. Sounds like quite a feast!

  2. Love your menu! I could never give up Christmas Eve OR Day with my family. Luckily, my in laws eat early and then we jet to my family’s.

  3. That menus sounds amazing! And I need to learn from your advanced planning!! LOL I am such a procrastinator, esp around the holidays. I love organization. I’m just super random about when I decide to use it.

  4. Sure.. Ill come over. lol I love how organized you are! Sounds like its going to be a great holiday 🙂

  5. sounds like it is going to be an excellent meal! can’t wait to see!

  6. What meat do you have to buy from the butcher? I don’t see it on the menu-am I blind?

    • Chelsea- We buy the beef tenderloin for the roast from the butcher. He trims it, seasons it with salt, pepper, and spices for us and then ties it up so that all we have to do is bake and make the sauce for it! I order it and pick it up but my aunt usually cooks it!

  7. Yum, that sounds delicious!

  8. What a delicious menu!! I can’t believe Christmas is so soon!

  9. Hmm haven’t thought about what I will make…it’s just the two of us so probably not a lot!

  10. maha maaita bilbeisi

    excellent menu Sabrina, my God, u r so organized, can’t wait.

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