San Francisco’s Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market

While the Foodbuzz Festival has been amazing, the natural experience of San Francisco has been equally impressive. This morning was spent at San Francisco’s Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, where life just feels right. I tried to capture the feeling of the market in this video so all of you can feel it too… Here it is!


5 responses to “San Francisco’s Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market

  1. Hey girl! It’s so great to finally meet you in person…I won’t be at brunch tomorrow, but I hope we will see each other sometime again…Crossing fingers that we’ll meet up again in the next Foodie convention! 😀

  2. And the crazy part is, you’ve only see one small slice of this fantabulous city. Come back soon & often!

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  5. I was just there, too. I ate my way right on through and am so glad to have found your lovely foodie blog.

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