Happy Halloween!

PhillyBoy and I got up at sunrise this morning to surprise my dad in Rhode Island!!!! We got here early, did a Target run (they already have Christmas decorations out which is really sad), and surprised my dad! Now we are setting up the house for Halloween. We have all the classic candies plus lots of fun light up goodies! Not to boast, but my house has always been and always will be one of the most fun stops for the kids in this neighborhood.

Also, we are making a grilled feast for family and friends tonight! I will do a recap of it all tomorrow night!

A few posts down memory lane:
Halloween 2008
Halloween 2008 Part 2
Halloween 2006
A perfect chocolate treat for Halloween night

One of many fun surprises for the kids this year:

Have a great safe & healthy Halloween!



6 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. I don’t know that there IS such a thing as a “healthy” halloween. Hey remember when I wore the spandex zebra suit? Was that yours or Ili’s? Either way: bad idea. lol


  3. wow! i can tell who your house is the house to be at cuz you giveaway the HUGE candy bars 🙂

  4. Happy Halloween. 🙂 That pile looks like mine. I’m trying to stay away!

  5. Saw your running updates on twitter. But no post yet, awww. Congrats on running 9+ miles!

  6. Im with Melissa (and snowed under by candy as well)….

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