Review: Small Plates in Cambridge, MA

PB and I made an effort when in R.I. this weekend to see two of our friends who we haven’t seen in a while who live in Cambridge. Of course I suggested Small Plates as I loved the food the first time I went there. The second time was even tastier!!!!

Small Plates is a very small restaurant set back in Harvard Square that offers lots of, well, small plates! According to the website, they use organic foods as often as possible and also try to buy local and sustainable foods when they can. Restaurants where the employees take such pride are not easy to come by these days, and that, combined with the delicious food and fun concept, help make this place a winner.

Here are some of the dishes we enjoyed:

Amuse Bouche:


Japanese Eggplant:

Steamed Mussels Pachino:

Baby Artichoke:

Warm Squash “Fettucine”

Chicken Souvlaki:

Cafe Latte:

Ginger Apple Bread Pudding:

Pi a la Mood (Almond Hazelnut Cardamom Tart):

Kahlua Creme Caramel:

Out of all the dishes we ordered my favorite was the same favorite as last time, the warm squash “fettucine”. Maybe it is because I really love zucchini or maybe just because it was perfect. Either way I really wish I could recreate this dish at home! The squash were not spiralized but rather were sliced super thin and served with an amazing tomato sauce that tasted like it had a lot of garlic and fresh tomatoes. It is such a light dish that leaves your palette and your belly satisfied.

Next time you are in Boston make an effort to head over to Small Plates for a dinner that will not disappoint!


P.S. In the last 24 hours I somehow went from feeling great to having a bad cold, fever, and lost my voice. In losing my voice and having to be silent today, I am struggling to find my writing voice. I never thought one had anything to do with the other but I guess they do! Maybe I talk in my head while writing and since I know I can’t talk out loud I am not talking in my head either? Can you relate? Anyway, right now I am tucked away on the couch wearing several layers and blankets + a fleece scarf and hat and am drinking some hot water. I hope I feel better tomorrow! I feel weird not running!!!


5 responses to “Review: Small Plates in Cambridge, MA

  1. I live in Boston and haven’t been to Small Plates yet. I just told my boyfriend we need to head to Harvard Square asap. It looks like the perfect date night restaurant! I’ll follow your recommendation and try the squash fettuccine.

    Stay Warm! Get Well Soon!

  2. The creme caramel looks AMAZING! Well, it all does… but especially that.

  3. All the food looks great. I’ve made zucchini fettuccini, but never squash. It sounds yummy!

    Feel well soon!

  4. All of that looks incredible, especially the bread pudding!

  5. The warm squash fettucine looks incredible!! Small plates seems like a wonderful restaurant.. the food seems to be super fresh! YUM 🙂

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