But what does baked falafel look like? And sticking to goals.

After posting my how to video on baked falafel, I realized I forgot to show you the end result! While falafel typically looks a bit more brown and crunchy (due to frying), baked falafel retains a bit of that green color from the parsley.

Check it out:



And after taking a bite:


The outside was nice and crispy while the inside was soft and smooth. If you don’t want to bake them, you can also add a little bit of olive oil to a frying pan and pan fry them. They will be a bit crunchier this way, but you are adding oil.


I feel like I have so much to share so I am just going to do it! PhillyBoy and I have a few exciting moments and trips ahead of us! This is what our calendar looks like right now:

This weekend: I am going to Chicago to visit Gigi and see some of my best friends!
Next weekend: California for H + L’s wedding!
October 16 weekend: Rhode Island to see my family!
November 13: Miami for the weekend!
November 22nd: Running the Philly Half Marathon!
Thanksgiving: Hosting our first Thanksgiving Brunch/Lunch
Thanksgiving weekend: N + J’s wedding!
January 7 weekend: Running the Disney Half Marathon!  
February: Snowboarding in Colorado!!!!

As you can see, we have a lot of fun in our future. I am so excited! Married life has been amazing so far, and I still owe you a lot of pictures and recaps (still waiting for our amazing photographer’s proofs), but for now I am looking forward instead of focusing on the past, no matter how fun it has been!

Engagement Fun:







Wedding Fun:


marinayipreview30.jpg marinayipreview21.jpg


Traveling this much in the next few months can make it hard to not only stick to our training schedule, but also to continue to eat a healthy diet.

To stick to the training schedule: PB and I have discussed each of these trips away and have figured out a way to stick to our planned run somehow. For example, next week we will do our long run on Friday before leaving so that over the weekend in California we only have to worry about one shorter run (a 3 miler). This weekend I am running my 8 miles on Saturday while one of my friends, D, is still there, instead of waking up Sunday and having to run it by myself. If you have a plan, it is much easier to sticking to it then, say, waiting to see how the weekend goes.

To stick to our healthy diet: This one is a bit trickier, since when traveling cooking is usually not an option, AND you want to try new and different foods. I try to balance my desire for a healthy diet with my desire to taste everything by making choices. For example, this weekend I know I want to have some really good Chicago pizza, so that day I will be sure to eat very well for my other meals (i.e. toast or oatmeal for breakfast). If, however, I really wanted to try some fabulous indulgent pancake, I might skip on the pizza. Either way, I try to pair something healthy with something indulgent. That means having a nice salad with the pizza to ensure I get some vitamins and vegetables!

I baked something fun and delicious to bring to Gigi this weekend, and I can’t wait to share it with you! Hint: it is perfect for this time of year!


22 responses to “But what does baked falafel look like? And sticking to goals.

  1. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS wedding shots – did I mention they’re gorgeous? 😉

    Good luck with your goals!

  2. rhodeygirltests

    Thanks VeggieGirl!

  3. STUNNING. Thank you for sharing your photos!

    Enjoy your trip to Chicago. Be sure to visit the big bean in Millenium Park.

  4. I saw your baked falafel video – you are too cute, by the way. 🙂 I really want to try this!

  5. I love the wedding shots, you look so beautiful it must have been an amazing day!

  6. When you come to chicago you have to get deep dish pizza from Lou Malnatis! It is the best, and also the least dense/fatty. I love Pizzeria Uno too, but it is second best.

    My favorite is the Lou. Check it out!

  7. rhodeygirltests

    Amisha- thanks!!!! We will try to get over there, my friend mentioned another place: Pequod’s Pizza. Have you had it?

    • No, I have not had Pequod’s pizza. I havent really heard much about it. I think it is up north in the Lincoln Park/Lakeview area so it might be out of your way. I dont know where you are staying, but most people stay downtown.

      • rhodeygirltests

        Thanks Amisha!!! We will see where my friend takes us!!! Hopefully it will be good- I appreciate the suggestion! I think we are going to the big farmer’s market on Saturday, I am excited!

  8. Your wedding pictures are amazing! You look so beautiful and happy!

  9. Your wedding pics are so movie-esque. I just love that.

  10. Wow! Beautiful photos but the third photo from the bottom is amazing! You and your dress look stunning.

  11. loved the video. and loved all your pictures! you guys are so good together! love the blog too! 🙂

  12. Your wedding shots are beautiful.. I recently got married myself in July, so congrats!!! You are the picture perfect couple. PS.. i could live on falafel

  13. You look amazing in your wedding photos- wow! Married life is great- glad you are enjoying it and focusing on your goals together!

  14. foodieinthecity

    I finally made it over to your blog after hearing such great things about it!

    Your photos are beautiful! Your dress is stunning girl!

    I started my own blog about a month ago, so hopefully you will stop on by 🙂 Have a great day!


  15. Lovely photos!!!

  16. Your falafels look great. Great approach to sticking with healthy eating and fitness while traveling.

  17. I love your pictures!!! Did you do a dress change for the reception?

  18. rhodeygirltests

    Jessica- Thank you. No, the pictures in the short punky dress are from our engagement party. The long dress is from my wedding which I wore from morning until night!

  19. Beautiful photos! May I ask who your wedding gown is by? It is stunning!

  20. 1) The baked falafel looks delicious 🙂
    2) The engagement and wedding pics are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve said it before, but you guys just radiate! So happy and in love. Really great!!
    3) It’s so nice to “hear” you talk about running. I know your past struggle with your injury so I’m glad it’s working out this time and you’re being smarter about your training. I like doing my long runs before traveling too – it’s just easier than worrying about fitting it in when you are in unfamiliar territory.
    Hope you had a great weekend 🙂 Enjoy all these trips. They sound like lots of fun!!

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