A Day Alone In Manhattan is Risky Business. Oh, and a trip to Josie’s NYC

PhillyBoy and I spent the weekend in NYC at the W hotel- The Court. He was a groomsman in his friend’s NY wedding! Saturday morning he went to help the groom get ready, so I had the day to myself! It was a bit… risky. I had plans to shop, and shopping in Manhattan is totally dangerous!!!

After a morning of Bravo’s “The Rachel Zoe Project” and a big fluffy bed, I got dressed and started walking… and walking… and walking! I made a few purchases and had a nice brunch before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

Purchase #1

Wedding shoes & Handbag!

I have been looking for a perfect pair of black satin peep toes with matching handbag to wear to all these weddings we attend. It is one of those things that you never find when you are looking for it! What better shoe than a Stuart Weitzman pair? Stuart Weitzman and Cole Haan are my two favorite shoe designers. Here are the shoes & handbag I bought (the clutch I bought is obviously black, but I couldn’t find a picture of it!):

shoes.jpg bag.jpg

I, of course, wore the new shoes and clutch to the wedding, and for once my feet didn’t hurt too badly at the end of the night!!

Purchase #2 that I really wanted but didn’t buy was this gorgeous BCBG dress I tried on at Bloomingdale’s:




Sorry for the lack of smile, it was kind of awkward asking the sales person for a photo!

It just didn’t flatter me as much as I thought it should, so i didn’t buy it. Oh yeah, also, it would have been a pricey purchase after the shoes and clutch purchase!!!!

Later in the day, after I had completely exhausted myself, I took a cab back toward the hotel. Right in the area of the hotel was a Josie’s NYC, which was suggested to me by one of you! I decided to head there for brunch. I ordered a tea, an orange juice, and eggs, and the server suggested I do the prix fixe menu since that was what I had ordered anyway! I appreciated that he did that for me as it saved me a solid $5!


They brought out some type of cinnamon raisin bread that they served with an apple sauce dipping sauce. I liked the bread, but I thought the apple sauce was a little weird to be honest. The bread had this crunchy sweet top to it that was the perfect wake up call to my tastebuds. Hello! Time to eat!



While I enjoyed my Mighty Leaf tea (my favorite brand tea) I also enjoyed the decor. Here is what it looks like inside:


I then waited what seemed like a truly unacceptable time for my meal, especially considering there were only a few other patrons in the restaurant. After a 30 minute wait, I was finally served this veggie omelet:


I had asked for fruit instead of home fries but they must have forgotten. By this point I was so hungry I didn’t bother to say anything. I am going to be honest here… I wasn’t impressed. For a restaurant that is supposed to pride itself on healthy options, my eggs were greasy, and the home fries I ended up trying were too. Also, the presentation left much to be desired. I am sorry to say, but I won’t be returning here, especially for a $20 brunch!

It was a lovely day to myself in the city. I hadn’t window shopped or shopping for nothing in particular in a long time, so it was a nice treat!

19 responses to “A Day Alone In Manhattan is Risky Business. Oh, and a trip to Josie’s NYC

  1. That dress looks great on you! You are lucky to have such great hair color and complexion to look good in red! Love the shoes too. . . I am loving peep toe shoes right now!

  2. CHIIIIIC dress!!

    Sorry about your experience at Josie’s 😦 Bummer!

  3. I love those shoes! So cute! The dress looked really good on you! Sorry about your not so great brunch experience!

  4. looks like a lovely day – I love days to myself like that sometimes!

  5. Sorry you didn’t have a good experience there. The dress was pretty though.

  6. Dresses look great!! Sorry to hear about your negative brunch experience.


  7. So glad you had fun in NYC! I’m with you on Josies, I think there are much better places for your money and it never really feels “healthy” to me. I love the shoes & the clutch. Stuart Weitzman is always my go to for formal shoes. My wedding shoes were his, and my mom wore those shoes you got, to my brother’s wedding in red, love them!

  8. I actually like the dress!!!!!!!

  9. Sorry about the bad restaurant experience! That would be disappointing – the bread looks yummy though!!

    Nice buys!!

  10. the clutch is so pretty!!

    and even if you didn’t buy the dress- YOU LOOK STUNNING IN RED! amazing!

  11. cookingforaveganlover

    You look so pretty! i love your outfit and accessories

  12. You looked beautiful in the dress, but I know what you mean about not feeling that something flatters you (not that I think it didn’t flatter you – just thinking of my own trying-clothes-on nightmares!).

    You must let me know the next time you are in NYC! I’m a city girl now! 🙂

  13. I hate to pay more than $6 for breakfast out. It should be the cheapest meal of the day!

  14. Nicole- I actually agree with you, but since this was more of a brunch (I ate it at 1:30 PM) I considered it to be decently priced.

  15. That dress is very very pretty! And you are wayyy more patient than me, I woulda demanded a new plate or at least something off the bill! lol Enjoy NY 🙂

  16. Cute shoes! I live in NYC but I never go to Josie’s because I think their food is pretty sub-par. My friend even got food poisoning from there once!

  17. Dress is awesome, waiting 30 mins. for expensive lackluster food is not. I’d rather have a bagel. 🙂

  18. That’s the dress I wore to your wedding! I think it looks great on you! Next time I wanna be your NYC shopping buddy!

  19. WOW…love the dress, shoes and NY city..
    I am from europe, but just love New York. Wanna go to NY for a weekend? ;-))

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