Lunch at Mugshots Cafe

My friend Leslie, from And Her Little Dog Too, and I met for lunch at Mugshots last week. We went one other time and plan on going tomorrow too! It might just become a weekly tradition….

I think it is really nice to get out during lunchtime now and again. I eat most of my meals at home all week long and it is a nice treat to have lunch with a friend! Leslie got there about an hour before me to do some work, and gchatted me that they had a PUMPKIN SOUP as a special! Yum! We were both super stoked for lunch.

When I got there and we finally decided what to order, we decided to share a cup of the soup with our meals. I honestly just wanted a little taste of it to decide if I should have it next time. I got a salad, and Leslie had an awesome grilled veggie sandwich.

We sat down and waited for our order, but we got called up a little early and were told some sad news…


To make up for it, the nice guy gave us some vegetarian chili topped with cheese (the cheese was extra I guess!) and some dry toast. It was good, but I am sure it was nothing like the pumpkin soup would have been. When we have lunch this week I hope they have it again!

My salad had mixed greens, organic sliced turkey, avocado, red onion, tomato, cucumber, and a balsamic dressing.


Leslie’s sandwich was a special of the day, and it was grilled veggies with cheese and pesto. I had the same sandwich last time and it was very satisfying and flavorful.


The presentation of the soup wasn’t superb, and it was a little spicy for me, but the salad more than made up for it! I really wanted the pumpkin soup!


I love Mugshot’s because the food is fresh and much of it is grown locally. And it is funky! I love it there, and can’t wait for my next lunch date with Leslie!

She is super sweet and brought me two cookies she had made! These were chocolate-PB-coconut-sugar cookies. Seriously! YUM! Click here to see how she made them. I enjoyed them late that afternoon after we went on a fun trip to Whole Foods!



6 responses to “Lunch at Mugshots Cafe

  1. Both dishes look very tasty. Too bad about the soup 😦
    Something to look forward to next time though!

  2. bananaandchocolate

    That salad looks really good. Too bad about the soup. I hope they have it next time!

  3. Sounds like a fun lunch date! Sorry about the soup though. I hate it when restaurants are out of things 😦

  4. Aww such a bummer that they were out of Pumpkin Soup! 😦 Very nice of them to give you the chili and the rest of the food looks awesome–especially the cookies leslie brought! YUM!

  5. Yay! Our lunch date! I am excited for tomorrow. They better have the soup! I am glad you liked the cookies! See you tomorrow. I will twitter or text you to confirm!

  6. peanutbutterfingers

    those cookies look yummy! i’ve never heard of that flavor combo before. mmmm!

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