Top 10 Entries

The top 10 entries from the SodaStream Giveaway are below…. I am still having trouble deciding, but if you see your entry below, know that you are a contender to win! Thank you all for entering-I have enjoyed reading all of the different names and stories for my penguin, and will announce the winner tonight!


Juggles was always a very talented penguin back in Antarctica. His friends thought he was amazing because he could juggle fish like no other pnguin they had ever seen! So, one day, he decided to move to Philly to make it big. He was all set up with auditions and everything was looking bright for Juggles and his new live…until he discovered cheese steaks, soft pretzels and…..soda. Before his big audition, he drank so much soda, he couldn’t perform like he used to! He was dropping fish right and left and left so very disappointed. What would he do with his life? Well, the one thing he knew he was good as was soda- so why not?! He became a healthy soda maker and was happily welcomed into the home of RhodeyGirl and PhillyBoy and the rest is history.


Mr. Peng came into my life only a short time ago. As soon as I heard about him I knew I should adopt him into my family. He cured my addiction to La Croix and other carbonated beverages. In doing this he has saved me money and numerous trips to the supermarket! I am so happy that I decided to bring this new member of my family into my home. I can’t imagine life without him. He is slowly learning how to open up and share his previous life’s tales with me, but it doesn’t really matter. I think life began anew when he entered my home 🙂


Paxton the Penguin grew up in Antartica with a sister and 2 parent penguins. He was a curious little penguin with not many friends. He did a lot of exploring and swimming around the ice. All of the penguins loved to drink the water from the ice. One day a glass bottle got swept up onto Paxton’s feet. He opened the glass bottle and it started exploding all over the ice. He took a sip from the bottle and was amazed at how great the contents of the bottle tasted. There were little bubbles and it had a delicious sweet taste. He feared that he would never get to taste this again. He decided to try to create his own bubbly, sweet drink. He gathered his family, did everything he possibly could with the ice and water around him until he created an air bubble. One day he created tons of bubbles and made…soda!!


Your Penguin’s name is Vinny and he grew up on Atwells Avenue in Providence. He was a bit of a local celebrity as he used to make soda water for the former Mayor Buddy Cianci. When Buddy got locked up Vinny had to find a new home and he was passed around different local restaurants along Atwells Avenue. He worked long hours and wasn’t feeling like he was living his best life. He wanted to settle down in a home and dedicate himself to making soda water for a few select people. This way he could focus on making soda water exactly how his new owners like it, just as he did for Buddy. Through networking in R.I. he found out about your wedding. He thought this would be a great opportunity to start fresh in a new city. Vinny is thrilled he has made his way out of Providence into Philly. He has traded his favorite food of a Wimpy Skimpy from Caserta to a cheese steak from Jim’s on South street, of course served with Whiz. Like you Sabrina, Vinny misses R.I. but knows he more fulfilled than ever in his new place and happy to serve up a tasty treat for you and PB every night.


Hm. Let’s name your precious penguin Fred.

Fred escaped from the New Orleans zoo when LSU became National Champs in 2007. He escaped because he envied the attention Mike the Tiger got. He wanted the love, dedication, and attention and chose YOUR family! =] The End.


Penguin’s Name: Phillup Where He’s From: Originally, he’s from Philly. How he made a living before coming to live with you: Matchmaker His story: Phillup’s relative, a lowly CO2 tank at a local restaurant/bar, saw PhillyBoy a few times and noticed how lonely he looked without that special girl in his life. Phillup knew that a sweet and beautiful girl from Rhode Island would be the perfect fit for him. How did he know this? He had spent some time living with another relative up in Rhode Island, this relative being a SodaStream working at one of the trendy little restaurants in Providence. This SodaStream had seen Sabrina around a few times, and he pointed her out to Phillup. Immediately, he knew she was the one for Philly boy. So, Phillup did a little carbonated magic, since all carbonated beverages are related some way or another, and pulled a few bubbles (that’s strings for us non-carbonated-types). His special matchmaker potion was put into all carbonated beverages that Sabrina and PhillyBoy consumed for several months, so that when they would meet, it would be love at first sight and they would be the sparkle in each other’s eyes for the rest of their lives. Naturally, Phillup would eventually become the sparkle in Sabrina’s eye as well, and she would purchase him as a wedding gift for PhillyBoy, not ever knowing the magic that he helped create in their lives. And they all lived happily ever after, drinking fizzy drinks to their hearts’ content.


Blubbles the Penguin
Blubbles used to work at a Penguin Factory in the South Pole. He made all kinds of penguins – stuffed, wooden, ceramic, painted, Christmas ornaments that he shipped across the world for penguin collectors. He was friends with each of the penguin personalities he shipped to happy children, like Kath Younger, who was an avid penguin collector.
Kath decided to start collecting penguins in the 4th grade. Over the years she accumulated many penguins – Doodles, an inquisitive young penguin; Snowflake, a spunky squeaking tiny penguin; and Glacier, a giant wise penguin that came from Sea World. Kath also had penguins in snow globes, penguin Christmas ornaments, penguin figurines, penguin socks, and penguin paintings.
Over time, Kath got tired of collecting penguins and Blubbles was forced to retire. Since he had lots of experience creating bubbles during his hunting expediditions under the cold glaciers of the South Pole, he decided to go into the carbonation business. He can blow bubbles faster than any other penguins thanks to his experience in efficiency in the penguin production industry.
As happy as he is at RhodeyGirl’s house, Blubbles misses the penguin collectors items that he sent to Kath over the years and would love the opportunity to reunite with them in her home.


Five score before this day of yore, there lived a penguin named Richard Parker.
Aboard a ship his luck was bad and the main mast was totally had.
For five weeks he did flounder at sea, till Massachusetts he did see.
The cannibals, near tore him limb from limb, till to Rhode Island did he escape.
To the natives did he exclaim: “Save me from this horde, and bubbly
water will be your reward”.
And so Richard Parker lives to this day, carbonating the water of the bay.


Pedro the Penguin is a unique penguin. He was born and raised in the north pole, but has always felt torn between his Mexican roots and the north pole culture he has always known. He recently made a big move south to Philadelphia so that he could live with Sabrina and PB. Philadelphia is the perfect locale- it is diverse, cold in the winter, and hot and humid in the summer. Plus, his hip/modern digs truly match his sense of urban style. Never one to conform, his silver belly stood out and was just not practical in the North Pole(reflects the heat). Having taken up residence in Sabrina and PB’s kitchen though, has been the answer to his prayers, he doesn’t blend in, but he certainly is a stylish addition. Now he is just hoping that his cousin, Pancho can go live with another set of almost newlyweds, Amanda and Derek. Their condo in Boulder, Colorado would also offer the chance to live in a more temperate climate halfway between the home he has always known (the north pole) and where his heartstrings pull, Mexico.


Ahem Ahem. Let me introduce you to your lovely little Penguin, Pacey. Yes, like Pacey from Dawson’s Creek. Pacey the Penguin came from a zoo in New York. He really hated it there…don’t tell him I told you, but he seemed to think that everyone was a bit stuck up and though they were all stars. Pacey wanted to live in a new place, with people that loved him. He found a way to make DELICIOUS drinks and everyone fell in love with him, allowing for his escape…err….I mean “release” of course, of course. He was released and he went on to become a Soda Stream Penguin, a star in his own right (though he’s not cocky like the rest of the people in the New York zoo. NEVER!!!!)



8 responses to “Top 10 Entries

  1. haha some of these are too funny. I totally forgot to enter! I was going to name him Armani, just didn’t have a story yet, oops!

    Can’t wait to see who wins. 🙂

  2. That Richard Parker entry: I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats.

  3. Those are all great, but I’m rooting for Richard Parker. Of course, I am biased towards my husband 🙂 But it’s the only one in verse!

  4. Yay – I am in the running! woot woot for Vinny!

  5. Oh my god, I HAVE to vote for the Vinny entry. Representing RHODY!

    I seriously laughed out loud about the Buddy and Atwells Ave. references! The Richard Parker one was a close second 🙂

  6. Yikes! I seriously butchered that Juggles story in an effort to submit on time!

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