Cute Larabar Minis!

The infamous Larabar Minis are now for sale! I saw this box at our local Whole Foods for $9.99. It contains 12 bars, 4 cherry pie, 4 cashew cookie, and 4 apple pie.



Not sure if you have seen them yet, but now you know they exist! I also really hope they will have them at the Philly (Half) Marathon!

What’s your favorite Larabar flavor? Mine is pecan pie, although I haven’t had one in a long time. PB loves them all, but pecan pie is his fav too!


13 responses to “Cute Larabar Minis!

  1. YAHOOOO!!!

    But why the gross Cherry Pie flavor!?!?!? Glad to see Cashew cookie in the mix but I hate cherry pie so I wouldn’t buy the box! They need a little PB Cookie action in there.

  2. so glad they finally listened to us all 🙂 my fav flavors are the coconut cream pie and pb&j!

  3. whoo hoo! i’ve been waiting for these! my favorite flavor is definitely coconut cream pie 😀

  4. Cashew Cookie!! My Whole Foods has these too!!

  5. Cashew Cookie for me!

  6. I think I am the only person I know who loves the cherry pie flavor! My favorite is definitely the PB cookie though, and I really want to try the PB & J

  7. I love the new tropical fruit tart flavor. It’s so good!

  8. That’s great that the minis are finally for sale!

    My favorite flavor is the coconut cream pie, and I’ve actually come up with a homemade version that is fairly similar in taste and texture :).

  9. I love the minis – they’re so cute which makes them 10x better 😉

    Coconut cream!!

  10. ohhh that looks like a good deal! i love the cashew cookie one.. the applie pie one was just too sweet for me (if thats possible!)

    thanks for your comment on my post sabrina!! : ) you are awesome!!

  11. I need to try these Larabars!!! I can only ever find the coconut one that I know I’d hate!!! Apple pie & cashew sound much more doable!!!

  12. Cashew Cookie or Lemon Bar! Right now.. I’m favouring Cashew Cookie more, but sometimes I like the Lemon Bar better also. I like them all though except for the Cocoa Mole and majority of the Jocalat Bars.

  13. So exciting! I can’t wait to try the minis. I think my favorite is probably cashew cookie!

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