Dessert: Peaches in White Wine

I feel ashamed to say this right now, but lately every time I go into the Whole Foods by our place I literally think to myself “peaches are so hot right now- so in”. What is wrong with me???? Is it the super sweet smell that makes me go crazy??? Or a few too many junky magazines??? I am really just obsessed with the peaches of this season, and down here in Philly we somehow have LOCAL PEACHES! That makes me really happy. Local IS a subjective term though, as in this case it means from 250 miles away.


One dessert that is really popular in summer in Trieste, Italy, where my mom was raised, is peaches in white wine. It is a simple, elegant, and light way to end dinner. Here’s the 3 ingredient “recipe”:

Peaches in White Wine

5-6 ripe peaches (in this case, you don’t want them to be hard or soft, but rather somewhere in the middle)
1 cup white wine
1 teaspoon sugar (if the peaches are really sweet this isn’t even necessary)

Wash and segment the peaches. (I cut them in half and then cut each half into fourths). Cover in white wine- you might need more or less than listed above depending on the size of your peaches. You want the wine to barely cover the peaches. Sprinkle with the sugar and toss to combine. You can store this in the fridge up to 2 days. I usually find it is better on the second day when the peaches become a nice syrupy and sweet delight. I love them topped with a bit of ice cream or even alone- especially after they spend a few minutes in the freezer.



9 responses to “Dessert: Peaches in White Wine

  1. I cannot get over the color of that water – amazing!!! PB in snorkel gear totally reminds me of this scene in the Mama Mia movie where all the boys are dancing around in pretty much the same outfit – love it!! 😀

  2. I am now drooling on my desk 🙂 Another fabulous recipe!

  3. This is such a lovely & light summer dessert! What a perfect way to showcase sweet and juicy peaches :).

  4. Fruity desserts are my favorite – that looks delicious!!

  5. Oh my goodness – that looks amazing!

  6. So yummy and simple, and a great way to use up the peaches we picked recently!

  7. Okay, I need Peaches and wine and sugar ASAP! Now that’s a sweet dessert I’d love to try

  8. you should totally be able to get jersey peaches! there’s an awesome farmers market at 2nd and south on sunday mornings 🙂

  9. peaches AND wine – I’m in 🙂

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