The Breakfast Nook

PB and I have easily gotten into a bit of a routine, or at least we are trying! One habit we are working hard to make part of our daily life is eating our meals together at our table or island. We want a pleasurable and healthy eating experience, and to achieve that we need the experience part of the equation. Last week I bought beautiful yellow roses (and PB surprised me with calla lillies) and I set up our little breakfast nook at the island of our kitchen. Two funky placemats and a candle later and the nook is complete.




Where and how we eat affects the experience. I realized that I often eat in a hurry, at my desk or on the couch, and that is not the right way to eat a meal at all! I feel that I probably overeat as a result of that. I am not paying enough attention to my dish or internal cues! From now on I will focus on sitting at a proper setting and really enjoying and savoring each meal.

Please share any tips you have on eating your meals the right way.


10 responses to “The Breakfast Nook

  1. Beautiful flowers! I agree that when I eat in a hurry I tend to overeat.

  2. I definitely agree that by sitting down to enjoy a meal it allows you to listen to your body’s cues about fullness and such a lot more. Plus it’s just a good habit to get into (I don’t know about you, but when I have kids one day I definitely plan on family sit down dinners – no eating at the couch and stuff!). 🙂

  3. I’m sorry to ask but (maybe I missed a post) are we ever going to see a post about the wedding? I am dying to know how everything went that day!

  4. rhodeygirltests

    Kim C- I haven’t really mentioned the wedding much at all I am really sorry! I am trying so hard to wait for some pro photos- still haven’t gotten any yet- so that my recaps are complete. It WAS amazing though and I will have the updates there as SOON as I get some photos!!!

  5. what a cute little breakfast spot! Not eating at my computer or infront of the tv definitely helps me enjoy what I am eating and realize when I am full/still hungry better

  6. Aww what a cute little spot! Love the flowers – peachy, orangey, yellowish roses are my favorites 🙂

  7. My family and I definitely don’t eat together enough…and at the table…I think having a set time for a specific meal helps a lot!

  8. JEALOUS! My husband and I eat in the living room, in front of the t.v. and I have a gorgeous $1200 dining room set that gets used only when company and holidays!

    Maybe I should put a t.v. in the dining room! 😀

  9. The nook is so cute! It’s so smart to make the time to eat together and enjoy your food so that you have a great experience. Making that a priority is a wonderful habit to form as you start your new life together!

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