The Honeymoon Bora Bora: The Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal. Isn’t it yours? I am not sure why… maybe it’s because we appreciate food more when we are really hungry (good tip to remind myself haha), or maybe it’s because the options are so fun, but I love a good breakfast.

The buffet at the St. Regis Bora Bora was TASTY, albeit boring. There were many different stations: fresh fruit (whose only competition was the lovely bakery section, in my opinion), poisson cru (a traditional breakfast there- raw fish with tomatoes, coconut milk, and other ingredients….), bloody mary bar, juice bar, potato/meat section, hot foods (eggs, french toast, etc), granola and dried fruits, and the aforementioned BAKERY AREA.

Here it is:










Two words: French Baker.

Is that a good enough reason for why I ate about 5 croissants at every breakfast? I think so. The baked goods and breads were so unbelievable. The croissants were doughy but not too chewy, buttery but not greasy, and the perfect 5 bite size. Every morning I first ate a huge bowl of the most sweet and delicious pineapple and kiwi of my life followed by about 5 croissants with an amazing imported raspberry jam. Hot tea, mango juice (OMG AMAZING), and either some eggs or french toast rounded out the breakfast. I had to roll away from the buffet each morning.


Those croissants never had a chance.







While I could feel guilty for eating so much at breakfast, we never had much of a lunch (you’ll see in a later post) and were so active all day that it was worth it. The fact that the scale only moved 1 lb during the whole trip (which is already gone after being home for a week) makes me feel better about it too. Oh, and the $50 pricetag for breakfast. The food in Bora Bora was OUTRAGEOUS. Luckily we were warned and had budgeted for it. It was worth it.

While I went for the fruits, croissants, and sweet items, PB went for the more unusual breakfast. He loaded up his plate every morning with some of the freshest raw and cured fish he has ever eaten… and don’t forget the delicious french baguettes as well! They were super crunchy on the outside, but soft and doughy on the inside. YUM! I feel like I ate more breads/croissants there than I have in the last 5 years. They were so special and delicious and we just don’t have bread like that here. I’m sure PB feels the same way… at least, I don’t think he usually eats 3 baguettes for breakfast ;).




8 responses to “The Honeymoon Bora Bora: The Breakfast Buffet

  1. Wow, $50 for breakfast!! The view is amazing – so that’s worth it!!

    My husband would have had the same breakfast as your husband!

  2. I can’t turn down a flaky croissant either! That entire spread looks amazing!! Way to go with maintaining a healthy balance while you were there as well 🙂

  3. Oh wow I don’t think I could handle it for breakfast but that raw fish IS really gorgeous!
    But yeah, I’d have been attacking the baked goods too!

  4. The thing is… I love breakfast food items but I’m never hungry that early! That buffet would probably make me hungry if I was actually there though. Everything looks so good!

  5. You are so tan!!! And the food looks absolutley delicious. I might have to have a croissant soon!

  6. Ohhh man, drool session. I LOVE your guilty croissant face 😀 I need a french baker in my life!! Can’t wait to get more recaps!!

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