The Honeymoon Bora Bora: Getting there

Although the place to start is the beginning, I skip that for now.

I MUST share everything about my honeymoon before I forget. The feelings and emotions and fun of that trip will never fade in my mind or heart, but the details just might. Let me share.

PhillyBoy and I had never spent more than 5 days together in a row prior to this trip. And never a weekend alone, just the two of us, without family or friends. A week alone in paradise with him opened my eyes and my heart, and my love for him grew even more than I thought it could.

The morning after our wedding we hosted a brunch for all our hotel guests, but even after that there was another huge party! My dad invited anyone who was still around to go to his house, and it was really a huge celebration. There was food, laughter, dancing, music, all of it…. while the newly married couple packed for their honeymoon upstairs in the guest room. It was worth missing an hour of the fun, because we had even more (but different) fun ahead of us.

Exhausted and emotional, but happily overwhelmed, we headed to Boston Logan International Airport to head off to Bora Bora. Our flight plan was: Boston-LAX-Papeete, Tahiti-Bora Bora-boat to St. Regis. It was pretty much 18 hours of travel. I insisted on bringing some important things for the voyage ahead such as books, trashy magazines, and lunch from a local cafe. It was worth it. Also, we ended up on the plane with one of my cousins!!! and then proceeded to sleep almost through the entire flight. In LAX we planned to get dinner, but left without good choices I hangrily bought some… interesting foods.

Do we lo0k exhausted or what???




On the second leg of our trip, near the end, we ended up figuring out the screens in front of our seats. We had slept enough and were ready for a challenge. I challenged PB to a game of chess and won. It would be practically the only thing I would win all week. You’ll see.


After taking a hopper flight to Bora Bora, PB and I were greeted by Vaite, of the St. Regis Resort. She gave us pretty leis and told us a bit about what to expect on the motu (or islet) while we waited for another couple to land on the next flight. Finally, we climbed into our boat and were taken to the resort.




To say the ride was beautiful is an understatement. We thought the view we saw was the best of what we would see.- we had no idea of the intense beauty that would actually greet us. After a quick tour of the resort we were taken to our villa, or bungalow. We were upgraded to one with a perfect view of the mountain and sunset, for reasons unknown. Perhaps it was our smiles? or maybe the happiness that exuded from us as we realized we had finally arrived and were about to begin our first real vacation together?! Whatever it was, we were thankful. To add to that, our villa was #219. As all of my closest friends know, I have an obsession and serious love for numbers that are divisible by 3.

We knew we had reached paradise.

Take a look at our villa!








PhillyBoy didn’t waste time telling me about his hunger, so we decided to order room service. We wanted time to settle into our villa, unpack, and finally take a deep breath of relaxation after the crazy AMAZING year we have had.

What we ate.

Me: The St. Regis Bora Bora breakfast
Fresh mango juice, farm fresh eggs with ham and fresh herbs, fresh fruit salad with ginger and lemongrass syrup, bakery basket, and tea… They even brought a toaster so we could toast our bread!






PhillyBoy: The Japanese Breakfast




The theme of the trip, food wise, was TAKE CHANCES. We both tried and ate foods we normally wouldn’t or haven’t ever eaten. It was fun and different!

Our first day was spent exploring and sunning and napping and eating. That is all. We did nothing special but enjoy the weather around us. It was everything I have dreamed of and more, just like PhillyBoy.

Honeymoon Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to pack your own snacks/books/magazines for your trip or travel time. You will never regret that you lugged a few extra nuts or magazines when your flight is delayed and you are both hangry and bored! Throughout the course of the week we went through all of the extra snacks and magazines I had brought with us. It will be worth it. Trust me.


13 responses to “The Honeymoon Bora Bora: Getting there

  1. I can’t wai tto see more honeymoon pics!! So far it sounds and looks absolutely amazing! I’m so glad you guys had such an incredible experience!

  2. AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to see/hear more about your H-moon!

  3. GORGEOUS accommodations!!

  4. that looks simply amazing! what a wonderful place to start your life together!

  5. gina (fitnessista)

    absolutely stunning!!!

  6. I told you you would love it! Isn’t that part of the world incredible!?

  7. OMG – how beautiful!

  8. I am SPEECHLESS!! That place looks gorgeous and well worth the travel time! I think I just decided where I will be honeymooning 🙂

  9. This brings up such memories from my honeymoon to FP back in October!! I want to go back. We had a crazy story, we were supposed to stay at the St. Regis, but a month before we were supposed to go they called us saying it would be closed down for a month to film the movies Couples Retreat (coming out soon!). So we stayed at the Four Seasons, which was amazing, and got some really great compensation.
    Looking forward to the rest of your recap 🙂

  10. the japanese breakfast looks incredible!!! I have LOVED hearing about your trip!! 🙂

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