Guest Post: Hangry Pants on Being a Rhodey Girl

I can’t let this post run without saying something about Heather. Although we have only met in person one time, I feel like Heather has become a true friend of mine and I am so thankful that I have met her! Her post brought me to tears, but also made me even more proud to be a Rhode Islander. Also, I met her mom and she is just as amazing and kind! Here’s Heather’s guest post.
Hi Rhodey Girl Readers! I am Heather from Hangry Pants and like Sabrina, I am a true Rhodey Girl. It’s hard to explain what it’s like to be from the smallest state and how exciting it is to meet someone, even through a blog, from home. In Rhode Island everything is 20 minutes away and therefore, even though Sabrina and I did not live in the same town, we know where the other went to school, shopped, ate and spent summers. It’s like meeting someone from your hometown. Yes, the state of Rhode Island is like one large hometown.

Sabrina will be leaving Rhode Island for Philadelphia once she marries the love of her life, but she will always be a Rhodey Girl. I’ve lived in Philly, New York City and now, New Jersey, but Rhode Island will always be home. It’s easy to make fun of such a small place with many quirks –  no “r” at the end of words, calling a water fountain a bubbler, one area code for the whole state, etc., but when you leave you realize those are all the things that make home special. Sabrina is well traveled, but has always lived in Rhode Island. Even though she is starting a life with her new husband she will be homesick and so, this guest post is for Sabrina.

trader joe's

Sabrina, you will miss many things about our little Ocean State when you leave, but just remember that you will always be a Rhodey Girl. Leaving home will only make your visits to Rhode Island more special. Here are some of the things I miss the most. I hope they cheer you up when you’re feeling homesick.

The city where I grew up is not big like Manhattan, but it’s mine and I love it.


The Ocean

In Rhode Island, the beach is never far. The scenery is something I took for granted growing up. The salty, breezy air is also something I miss now.


Unique Seafood
Even as a non-fish eater I appreciate the uniquely Rhode Island flair of Clamcakes and Steamers



Del’s Lemonade
This icy lemonade treat is sold from a truck and does not require a straw or spoon.



Casey Farm Farmer’s Market
A place I like to go with my mom to pick up fresh produce and honey.




Pizza Strips
Words cannot convey how yummy cold pizza with simple tomato sauce is.


The picturesque small town where I get bagels with my family whenever I go home for the weekend.



Congratulations to you and PB. I know you will miss home, but you will love your new married life and living in Philadelphia!!!


14 responses to “Guest Post: Hangry Pants on Being a Rhodey Girl

  1. Awww this was awesome 🙂 I love Rhode Island too (even though not from there)…still like RI, nothing in New England is taht far away either haha.

  2. Rhodey Girl here too! I’ve lived in Boston for a short time but back in RI and will always be a Rhodey Girl!

  3. beautiful guest post, Heather.

    I definitely want to visit RI sometime.

  4. I loved writing this post. It was so much fun and meant a lot to me. Thanks Sabrina!

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  6. Your post was great! I especially enjoy that you mention that you dont drink dels with a straw or spoon! lol ..I love love love being from RI .

  7. This makes me want to move to Rhode Island. Love the farmers market and the picturesque towns.

  8. This series of guest posts is a brilliant idea! They are great!

  9. As someone who grew up minutes from RI, and graduated from URI, this post was great! I am currently a San Diegan, but miss little Rhody!

  10. We have “pizza strips” in Philadelphia – we call it tomato pie! So one thing about RI you can definitely find in good old Philly 🙂

  11. fellow RI-er.. checking in… this was such a great post Heather! good job on it! RI is really like one big hometown. : )

  12. What a great post! I live right over the RI border in MA and this post made me realize I take things for granted! I need a dell’s stat!

  13. I looked at the cards and at the first glimpse my impression was: a reflecting pool, or mirror perhaps. ,

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