Wedding: Welcome Dinner Design!

Early on I knew that I wanted a Rhode Island type theme for our welcome dinner. PB and I invited 130 people to the dinner, all family and bridal party, and it was important to us to greet them properly! What better way than with a dressy summer barbeque type night??? We hired our friends who DJed our engagement party, arranged it with the hotel, and decided on a beach theme. The beach theme soon turned into a small R.I. theme!

My SIL (sister in law) designed the awesome centerpieces for the tables. They were easy to do but look great! She took a hurricane vase, filled it with sand and seashells, and added a pretty pillar candle covered in some fun beachy stuff. Along with some votives from the venue and these fun tablecloth overlays, we had a gorgeous set up! It was cheap too! Oh, and we had starfish on the tables! Well, we are supposed to at least. I am writing this before the wedding for your reading pleasure while I am soaking up the sun in Bora Bora. Jealous much??? 🙂

Here are the centerpieces!





And here are the placecards that we bought! My SIL found these super cute adirondack chairs and then designed pretty place cards for them!!! We did a seating assignment since we had invited so many people and only had the exact number of tables. I am happy we did it bc we got to buy the pretty chairs!!! Here’s the practice setup:


PB and I will each have our own chair with a picture of us in that big frame on the left:


I hope that everything we planned for the welcome dinner went the way it was supposed to go! Next up… the menu!!!


2 responses to “Wedding: Welcome Dinner Design!

  1. looks like a fabulous way to welcome everyone!! those little beach chairs are adorable 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, those beach chairs are the cutest things ever!

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