Getting Married Tomorrow!

Things are crazy… just wanted to say HI! I’m getting married tomorrow!!! SO happy and excited! The festivities have begun!


xoxo, Rhodeygirl, the soon to be Mrs. PhillyBoy!


37 responses to “Getting Married Tomorrow!

  1. Hi there! I haven’t been to your blog yet, but it looks really neat. I hope tomorrow is everything you’ve dreamed of! 😀

  2. Your RI fans will be watching the ProJo for your wedding photo! Can’t wait to see the happy WEDDED couple – amazing – it seems like yesterday we read you got engaged! Enjoy every minute –

  3. So exciting! I can’t believe the big day is finally here. I remember reading your blog when it was still a year away. 🙂

    Enjoy every minute of your big day and have an AMAZING Honeymoon!


  4. have so much fun!!!!!!!

  5. have an amazing day!

  6. CONGRATS for tomorrow!!!! ENJOY every second!!

    Make sure to take a step back and just take it all in … at some point during the day!

    Also, dance with PB more than once!!!

    Enjoy enjoy enjoy xo

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Enjoy every minute!!!

  8. AHHHHHH!!!!!!! 😀

  9. An early congratulations and best wishes to the couple! I cannot wait to see all the gorgeous pictures.

  10. congratulations and good luck, I am sure it is going to be a PERFECT day 🙂

  11. have a fabulous wedding and an awesome honeymoon! so magical! thinking of you!

  12. YAY!!!! ENJOY IT!! 🙂

  13. gina (fitnessista)

    WHOOO HOOO!!! have a blasty and savor every minute!
    congratulations- i’m so thrilled for you

  14. congrats!!! have a fantastical time 🙂

  15. congrats! have an amazing day!


  16. Congrats! I hope tomorrow is everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more!

  17. CONGRATS!!!! I’m sure you’re going to make a ridiculously beautiful bride. ENJOY IT!

    And once it’s all over, please post pics 🙂

  18. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! have so so so much fun 🙂

  19. Yay! I am so happy for you. I feel so lucky that I have been able to follow you even before you were engaged!

  20. Congrats, lady! I am so excited for you guys! Have a blast today and tomorrow…can’t wait to hear all about it! XOXO

  21. Congraaaats miss RG, soon to be PG!!!!!!

  22. yay!!! i am so excited for you!!!

  23. Contrats! 😀 Enjoy every moment!

  24. Happy wedding day!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are going to be a BEAUTIFUL bride and have a gorgeous wedding! So happy for you and PB – I hope your wedding day is all you dreamed it to be and that your lives together are full of fun, adventure, and love! Enjoy BORA BORA!!! (Jealous!). 🙂

  25. WOO HOO congrats. i hope you and mr phillyboy have a great day!

  26. Congrats Mrs. PhillyBoy!

  27. Happy Wedding! I hope it’s a wonderful day!

  28. Hope you’re enjoying your BIG DAY!

  29. Awww, congrats girlie! I can’t wait to see photos 🙂

  30. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hope it’s a perfect day 🙂

  31. congrats!!!!!!!

  32. CONGRATS!!!!!!! I hope everything was better than you could have imagined!! Cannot wait to see the pictures- I’m sure you looked just incredible.

  33. Congratulations!! Can’t wait to see some pics 🙂

  34. Hope you had a great Day RhodeyGirl!!!

  35. Yay!!!! I can’t believe your married right now!!!! I hope your day was just amazing and everything you hoped it would be 🙂 Can not wait to hear all about it and see pictures!!! Hope your basking on a beautiful beach right now!


    I hope everything went great – can’t wait to see pics now! 😀

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