Look who showed up at my door early!!!!


He came up early so he could make it for dinner tonight with my family!!! Isn’t he amazing??? I think so! I am so hyper and excited now.. the time is now. it is here! All that planning and all that dreaming of the man I would marry one day…. I found him and now our wedding day is only 2.5 days away! yay!

Look at the funny shirt he is wearing (thanks groomsmen hahaha)


I love my boy! Saturday is almost here!!!!
Xoxoxo, Rhodeygirl


15 responses to “Look who showed up at my door early!!!!

  1. haha that shirt is great! Did they get this specially made or did they order them from somewhere?

  2. Congrats and good luck! You guys are cute together. I love your blog! Here are some tips that were given to me before my wedding
    1.Relax and enjoy every moment and take time to eat your dinner and cake. I was so nervous I didn’t even get taste any food or cake. lol
    2.Bring white out for stains
    3.If you have a train for your dress bring a BIG diaper pin because people will step on it. It happened to me the 1st 10 mins.
    4.Bring powder and lipstick
    5. Have everyones number with you (vender’s)
    6 Last- take Tylenol pm the night before.

  3. Shannon, that is a great to do list I am keeping that for my wedding, but I think you forgot one: Have FUN! 🙂

  4. Hehe funny shirt. So nice that he arrived early! Have fun fun fun 🙂

  5. LOL i’ve seen that shirt before… might have to get it for my gamer fiance 🙂

  6. Awesome!!!! Can’t wait to see you both on Saturday.

  7. I hope you enjoy every second of your big day! 🙂 You will be a gorgeous bride!

    That shirt = adorable!

  8. You must be so excited!!!!! I am excited for you!! Enjoy these last couple of days leading up to your wedding day! Too many brides get stressed.

  9. i love that shirt! my BIL wore that before he got married.. i think he still thinks like that!


    CONGRATS!!!! only a couple more days!

  10. 1. Love that shirt, and it sounds like you two are perfect together! Congrats! I got married two years ago on Aug 17th to a guy from PA 🙂

    2. I am pretty sure we went to the same highschool… Cranston HS West??? Insane! What a small world! I am now living in PA myself, like a half hour from Philly, not even. I miss Cranston and my family everyday.

    3. Love your blog!

  11. awww what a sweet guy! have a great wedding 🙂

  12. How exciting that the big day is almost here! Enjoy the excitement of the next few days and have a fabulous wedding:)

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