Call for Guest Posts!

10 days! 10 days! Ee ee ee!!!!

I just spent the last 5 hours going through my clothes and separating them into a few different piles:
-clothes to send to Philly this weekend
-outfits for next week
-honeymoon packing!
-wedding weekend outfits

…and I am still not done!

I went for my final dress fitting today and my dress was too big! As in, wouldn’t stay on my body. It’s crazy because the scale has been rocking steady for months now (within 2 lbs) but my measurements are smaller. I kind of freaked but it will be ok and I know they will do a good job. It means 2 more visits to Boston though in the next week. EEK!

Oh, and did I mention I have crazy amounts of family coming in from across the world over the next few days? Here’s the count and when they are arriving:

Here already: Nonna (mom’s side), Aunt, uncle, 2 cousins (dad’s side)
Friday: 2 aunts & 2 uncles, 1 cousin (dad’s side)
Saturday: 1 cousin (dad’s side)
Sunday: 1 aunt & uncle (dad’s side)
Tuesday: 2 cousins (mom’s side)
Thursday: 1 cousin (mom’s side)
Friday: 1 cousin (mom’s side)

That’s 17 people from overseas! That means lots of meals out lately and even more to come! As you have noticed, my posting has been a major FAIL this month and I need your help! While I am away on my honeymoon I have a really fun series of posts for you, but I would like to integrate them with some of YOUR work!

What I am looking for?

Your absolute favorite recipe, and maybe even tips to make it delicious. Pictures are welcome and make for a better post, so feel free to send along some!

Please email your post to me (  by Sunday and include your name and blog if you have one!

I really can’t wait to write about this series I have in my head for while I am sunning it up in Bora Bora.. I think you are all going to enjoy it! In the meantime, buon appetito!!


8 responses to “Call for Guest Posts!


    alas, a foodie guest post—not my genre 🙂

    let me know if you need a “look at me ripping into some lettuce and throwing a piece of cold poached salmon on top” 🙂

  2. Wow, only ten days left- how fun and exciting! Remember to enjoy this time with your family and friends and definitely take lots of deep contemplative breaths- they calm the mind and the body!
    You rock lady- have a fab couple weeks!

  3. i cant believe you are getting married soon!!! so exciting isnt it??

    i will be having a birthday party for my little one that day so i unhappily have to decline your invite.. lol NO IM JUST KIDDING.. congrats if i dont get to read before the big day!!!

  4. So exciting! I can’t wait to see pictures from your big day!

  5. Very exciting! You will have such a fabulous time at your wedding, enjoy it!

  6. AHHH So excited!!!!

    Yay for trips to Boston 🙂 Where’d you get your dress?? Who’s it by??

  7. It’s so close yay how exciting!

  8. Wow – Bora Bora!!!! How exotic! I can not wait to see the pictures.

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