Happy 30th Birthday PB! A Dinner at XIX

PB turns 30 today! Happy Birthday Old Man!!!


Remember last year’s surprise fiasco? Well, this year I wasn’t going to let anything stop me! I booked my flight to Philly MONTHS ago to surprise PB for dinner on his 30th, but on Monday I found out he would be leaving for a work trip on his birthday, so I changed my flight to come yesterday and it was PERFECT! PB had no idea, and my flight was even on time this year!

When I landed I headed straight to the condo to clean up the guest room as part of my present to PB, and then I surprised him for lunch, but those details will come to you later this week. For now, I tell you about my first AMAZING Philly dinner!

I asked my friend Gina for suggestions on where to take PB for his 30th and also searched the internet. I couldn’t decide between Vetri or XIX but with Gina’s suggestion of XIX I knew that was where we would go! I reserved a balcony table and our dinner timing was perfect. The sun was hot for the first 20 minutes, and then we watched it set until we felt a perfect breeze hit our bodies. The restaurant has the type of decor I like, formal but not stuffy, classic but funky.






And dinner! Let me tell you about dinner, at least as much as I can remember!

First we checked out the menu…



…and then we decided to do the chef’s tasting, which was delicious and expiremental too. A meal is not something I would normally feel good about letting someone else decide for me, but I thought it would be a fun experience. We ordered a bottle of a great Sauvignon Blanc called Cloudy Bay, some fresh sparkling water, and waited to see what the chef had to offer.

Cin Cin! To the love of my life, who I get to marry in a little over two weeks!



I caught him checking his iPhone… the only problem with them is that they are addicting!


Now to the tasting…
Course 1: Sashimi Tasting.


I tried the tuna and it was great, then passed on the other two to PB!

Course 2: A seared scallop served with baby spinach and a mousu foam



Isn’t the presentation gorgeous? I would like to mention at this point that WE HAVE THESE PLATES!!!!! They are the corporate version of the ones we registered for and received over the last year! I can’t wait to have dinner parties and use them. Anyway, this scallop was delicious and perfectly cooked. It was definitely the best scallop I have ever had.

Course 3: Alaskan Halibut with fava beans, quail egg, baby peppers, and a fish sauce


This was definitely the most interesting thing I have eaten lately, but it was also good! I didn’t think the flavors would work well together but they did. And again, love the presentation.

Course 4: Lamb with garlic grits, shaved parmigiano, and a mushroom sauce


This was a more classic dish, but still, really good.

As many of you know and can see, this is not the typical meal I would eat. I don’t eat much red meat, would NEVER have tried a quail egg, and hate sashimi. It’s amazing what love can do! I feel like I am so much more adventurous in so many ways with PhillyBoy around. We are learning so much together and experiencing such interesting things.

After the 4th course PB and I relaxed for a bit enjoying our wine and the view.


Like the silly 25 year old girl I am, I kept asking him if he was tipsy, because I sure was! Why is it that wine hits me faster when it is summer? So bizarre. I swear I had less than a glass and was giggly. Hm. Maybe it was the talk about our future and not the wine that did that πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

After a nice pause we ordered his and hers drinks… I had hot english breakfast tea and he had a hot American coffee. This is the life!


And then came the birthday fun!

Course 5: Dessert (they weren’t on the menu so I don’t have the beautiful description for you…)
Him: A Happy Birthday chocolate concoction. It tasted like a combo of chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, and heaven. Oh, all topped off with their homemade mint ice cream.
Her: Two pieces of a dry spongy cake filled and topped with juicy, syrupy strawberries and creme fraiche. Served along with a creme fraiche filled strawberry that PB ate in one bite!




And presents!!!!!


I bought PB a JVC videocamera so he could take fun videos since our Sony digital cameras don’t work well with Macs. He was super excited because it is just “so cool” πŸ˜‰ I hope he brings it on the honeymoon so we can take fun videos of the gorgeous scene and water fun!

After a fabulous dinner, the bill came. In a black ominous envelope that yelled at me to photograph it!


PB and I had a great experience at XIX. I am so happy we went there to celebrate his 30th, and I am even more happy that I found him. I am so lucky!

16 days until our wedding!

I am off to clean a little, then lunch with PB, and then back to Rhode Island! Let’s hope my flight is on time!!!!!

Playlist of the day: Juanes’ album Mi Sangre


20 responses to “Happy 30th Birthday PB! A Dinner at XIX

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Fabulous celebration for PB πŸ™‚

  2. there’s like – 50 million great pictures of the two of you in this post! πŸ™‚

    so sweet, nice job on the surprise – and WOW to that food – that looks phenomenal!

  3. oh yeah – AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY PB! πŸ™‚

  4. WOW this is an amazing story! I can’t believe how amazing your dinner, the place, everything and everyone looked!! What a classy date πŸ˜‰

    And the very thing you mentioned is why I never want an iPhone! I’m sure it is a matter of time but knowing me if I did have one it’d be impossible to resist!

  5. Wow – Happy Birthday, PB! This looks like an amazing time. You guys are truly adorable together – and so in love πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for wedding pics!

  6. sounds like an amazing meal and a great way to celebrate PB’s birthday! I am sure he’ll get lots of use out of his new camera!

  7. How yummy looking!

  8. Happy Birthday PB!!!!

    What a gorgeous restaurant.

  9. happy birthday pb! sabrina: best fiancΓ© ever.

  10. You guys look stunning!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PB!!

  11. You two are the cutest couple ever! I am not sure either of you could look any happier, either! I’m happy you had such a fantastic evening!

  12. OOOH that all looks so delicious Sabrina! I am so impatient for WEDDING PHOTOS though! You both look so happy and in ❀ YAY!

  13. i totally have to check out that place for dinner! great reccomendation!

  14. Aww thats a great bday celebration!

  15. Ehh hem you owe me a recipe i do believe


    Hands down. Can’t really say much else – you said it all!

  17. I’m so happy for you that the suprise was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! πŸ™‚ Pretty soon….we will be dacing the night away….!!!!

    I thought it was funny that your desert was a “spongey” cake…hahahaha πŸ™‚

  18. What a great celebration! Happy bday to PB πŸ˜‰


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