A post in Words

So as you can imagine, life got a little craaaaazzyyyyy!

Getting married 19 days from today (18 1/2 by the time this posts) means that life is like a happy, swirly tornado! I am obviously counting down the days and practically even the minutes because I am so excited! The weekend traveling and packing a week’s worth of smiles and memories into a weekend will no longer exist! Woohoo!

A little glimpse into the last two weeks….
1. Vickey & Lynne won the bachelorette luncheon cookoff!
2. My auntie took all the cousins/aunties out for a spa day followed by a fabulous dinner!
3. A bunch of us saw Allegria (A Cirque du Soleil show). I have seen about 10 shows and LOVE them!
4. I have cried about 12,000 times out of happiness and more
5. I haven’t seen PB ONCE! I miss him. He is turning 30 on Thursday!

How have I managed to eat well and exercise enough for sanity during this time?

1. I make sure to continue to pack my lunch so I know I will have one solid, super well balanced meal a day.
2. Making good choices. When out to eat I have continuously picked grilled fish and double veggies. I feel great and my skin and body are thankful
3. I make every minute of a workout count! I am lifting 2 days a week but before I start my circuits I pump out a couple of super fast miles. Also, I am keeping up with my morning exercises I love to do.

When life gets in the way (in a super super fun way), how do you continue your healthy habits? For me, it is really just like the Nike slogan. I Just Do it.



6 responses to “A post in Words

  1. This is such an exciting time for you! My wedding was the same weekend in July last year, so I’m totally re-living all of the pre-wedding festivities, fun (and stresses!) with ya. 🙂 You are going to be one of the most beautiful brides EVER and PB is going to be one happy man!

  2. Oh my gosh – so much excitement coming up!! Enjoy it, girlie!

  3. Congrats to a fellow RI girl. Too bad you are leaving us… Good luck with all your life changes!

  4. 18 days!!! Man your life sounds like a whirlwind right now, but SO exciting!!! These 18days are going to FLY by! I love your bach party cookoff, what an awesome idea 🙂

  5. Awesome job on being so healthy while you’re having TONS of fun!

  6. Wow, the wedding is SO soon. Awesome 🙂
    Just do it definitely works!

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