Bachelorette Weekend: Part 1

I am still so relaxed, peaceful, and happy from my bachelorette weekend. One of my best friends D was the head of the master plan, and the only thing I knew until that week was the date! I was so excited when I found out we were going to Cape Cod!

Every summer D’s family invites us girls for a weekend on the Cape. It is always a weekend to remember, but this one was especially nice. D and her mom did so much to prepare a beautiful and relaxing time for all of us. Here was our schedule:

9 AM: Arrival time (beat the traffic)
Enjoy the beach
1 PM: A Luncheon Cookoff
5 PM: Everything a RhodeyGirl Wants
7:30 PM: Wine & Cheese Tasting
8:30 PM Dinner & Drinks in Town

9 AM: Continental Breakfast

And here’s how it really went down. Friday I took the day off work and Lynne, Lauren and I went to the beach, only to get rained on. Not nice. So went to the movies to see My Sister’s Keeper where we all cried our eyes out. At night we went to Siena on the Hill for wine and good food.

Beep Beep Beep! Saturday morning at 6 am sharp I woke up wide eyed and ready to go. I love getting on the road early for beach weekends because you get the best sun and make the most of your day. After loading up the car to the max we headed out to pick up my cousin A and good friend Jillian and arrived to the Cape at 9 on the dot! I took an extra large suitcase.. I wasn’t kidding:


I tried to blame the big one on Lynne:


We also brought the biggest fruit salad ever. It had:
Red & green grapes


We scoped out the scene at the house and discovered flowers my dad sent! What a dad!


Armed with new beach chairs, Lynne, my cousin A and I headed to the beach. I proceeded to break my brand new $24 chair. Must have been all the pushups I’ve been doing…



Lynne, A and I took lots of beach shots but I don’t think they’d be excited if I posted them… Instead I show you the bliss we were relaxing in…


We were on D’s family’s private beach which means pure bliss just for us.

When all the girls arrived D popped a little Prosecco. I normally don’t drink in the sun but we were celebrating! It was so refreshing and fun and celebratory. This was literally the only sunny and hot day in the month of June. In fact, we saw dark clouds on the whole ride up until we reached the house. I truly believe my mom gave us the sunshine. It was perfect.

D’s mom came down for a stroll and brought a veil for me, the bride to be. We took a few fun shots with my bridesmaids before I tucked it back away in its box, but it was super classy:


We also had a bottle of Rosa Regale, one of my favs:


At 1:30 PM D announced it was time for the luncheon cookoff. The tide was up by then so the beach was short and the timing was perfect. We headed upstairs to begin the competition! D had the teams all laid out by color, and the food we were making was on the back of each card:


Here’s where it got ugly…. but you’ll have to wait for tomorrow for the details of our fabulous lunch competition!


10 responses to “Bachelorette Weekend: Part 1

  1. Looks like you had an awesome time! Can’t wait to see more šŸ™‚

  2. If I were you I would take and post a million pictures of my bridal arms. šŸ˜€

  3. LOVE the cape!! Looks so relaxing šŸ™‚ I can’t wait for part two!

  4. gina (fitnessista)

    looks like such a blast!!! hahah love the veil šŸ˜€
    can’t wait to see what happened in the lunch cook-off

  5. Looks like so much fun! And man have those arm workouts been doing the trip- your arms look FAB!


    I’m glad you’re having tons of fun with all of this.

  7. Wow, that turned out great!! I’ve never been to Cape Cod – would love to someday! šŸ˜€

    Have a great 4th weekend!

  8. Can’t wait to read the rest! My bachelorette is on August 1st… yippie!! I feel like i’m living through you with your wedding before mine.. haha, I love it!!

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