Wedding Details: Candy Buffet!

Finally a wedding post that actually relates to food!!!

Although we had decided on no favors for the wedding I couldn’t help but do a candy buffet. They are just so pretty and it was so fun to do!!!!

Here’s the final test result:


The linen will be the same tealish one with the beautiful gold print on it so the white, gold, and bit of silver candy will be sure to look nice (and nicer than it looks here).  We do have a couple of darker candy colors which are there for a reason!!! One is full of gummy penguins and what you might not know is that PB loves PENGUINS! I have been known to actually call him that now and again. The other dark candy jar is full of gummy coca cola bottles! Also at PB’s request. A couple of the containers are empty because I don’t want the white chocolate covered pretzels to go stale on us. I think that this candy buffet will add a nice touch to our wedding and also add another place for guests to mingle. The sign that will be in the frame says:

“Love is sweet
Take a treat!
Love, Sabrina & PhillyBoy”

Here is a closeup of the different jars:



Among the goodies:
gummy penguins
gummy coca bottles
butterscotch lifesavers
wintergreen lifesavers
lemon candies
fruit filled jelly candies
chocolate + candy covered almonds
jordanian almonds
pina colada gummy bears
pineapple licorice sticks
star shaped milk chocolates
heart shaped milk chocolates
and my favorite, which is also our candy splurge: GIANDUIOTTI! We got perugina gianduiotti chocolates yum yum! They are the most delicious, melt-in-your-mouth hazelnut chocolates. amazingness.

Where I bought everything:
a specialty italian import company for the chocolates

Organza Bags:

Clear plastic candy scoops:
Container store

Clear plastic candy tongs:

Picture frame:

Candy jars
Home Goods

To put it together:
1. First I bought the approximate amount of candy I wanted. I basically thought about having a few high volume inexpensive candies (lifesavers for example) for larger vases for more height and then added in other candies that were missing (for example chocolates, something crunchy, something chewy) etc in the colors I wanted. I also bought the organza bags, which I knew I would like as I bought the same ones for my brother’s wedding.

2. Then, once the candy came in, I headed over to Home Goods and bought several vases. When I brought them home I scrubbed them with soap and water and used goo gone to help me remove the labels (thanks for the tip raz). I also bought the frame.

3. I played around with the candy and decided how I wanted it. That same weekend I went to the container store and happened to find scoops. I bought a bunch.

4. I took pictures so our venue coordinator can set it up like this for us.

5. I found the tongs online. Only after setting up the whole buffet did I realize I needed them! Can’t scoop gummies!

I am very thankful that I was proactive from the beginning with getting such tasks done because now the wedding to do lists are not as intense. We only have small details to take care of at this point, pretty much making final decisions on things and sharing the information. This weekend alone PB & I:
-met with the DJ for the final time
-met with the caterer for the Middle Eastern appetizer display we are having brought in for our cocktail hour
-met with the priest of our church
-finalized the seating chart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then today I did a bunch of misc. errands, wrapped PB’s wedding presents, and numbered all of the boxes that need to be delivered. As soon as I hit publish I am going to type up that list with details and email it off to our day of coordinator, Lisa, who is already rocking my socks off.

How popular have candy buffets become? VERY! Just ask Zesty, who enjoyed one at a wedding recently!

The Countdown Continues…


14 responses to “Wedding Details: Candy Buffet!

  1. That looks awesome! So exciting! I still need to finalize my seating chart.

  2. Beautiful display! I am planning the same for my wedding. They are not as popular around here, so I hope my guests pick up the concept!

  3. HEAVEN!!!!!! Mmm, candy 😀

  4. Love it! I think it will look gorgeous on the linen you described!! I seriously can’t wait to see pictures from your day, it’s going to be fabulous!! 🙂

  5. Looks great! Where do you get goo gone? I need to use that on my jars!

  6. Looks just beautiful! Nice work girl 🙂

  7. Hey girlie! The shrimpies are from a local seafood store (pulled right out of the bay close to our house). I’d recommend trying a local shop – they taste so much better!

  8. What a super fun idea!

  9. gina (fitnessista)

    what a great idea- it looks gorgeous too!
    i’m SO EXCITED for you!

  10. I love that idea! The set up looks so chic too 🙂

  11. So creative and pretty!

  12. So funny…I am doing a candy buffet too!! I’m also pretty sure thats going to be our favor, because I am having a hard time coming up with one!

    LOVE your set up! Thanks for posting where you got all the candy too!!

  13. Hi Sabrina!! “PhillyBoy” just told me I was able to leave comments on your blog….I never knew that!! 🙂 Anyway….love the candy buffett!! It looks awesome!! Hopefully you know who Crumb is! haha

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