Nick’s on Broadway: The Breakfast

The morning after my bridal shower everyone forced themselves out of bed to head over to Nick’s for breakfast. I know I promised breakfast pics from Nick’s and here they are! As usual, the food did not disappoint!

My breakfast: 2 eggs with tomatoes, spinach, and provolone cheese. On the side, their home fries and dry multigrain bread from a local bakery


Next up: brioche french toast with bananas, fresh whipped cream, and pine nuts with real maple syrup on the side:


PB went for lunch and got an amazing salad topped with seared tuna and pesto grilled rustic bread on the side:


And finally, Jillian’s yummy sandwich with a side of home fries:


Didn’t I tell you their breakfast food is even better???? For more info on Nick’s, check out my dinner post about it!


6 responses to “Nick’s on Broadway: The Breakfast

  1. I wish I would have known about Nick’s when I was in Providence! That looks so good!!

  2. Looks wonderful. Kicking myself for never going there.

  3. SUCH a great place…would’ve been a great wedding venue. 😉

  4. Emily (Healthy Fit Mama)

    Oh my – that French toast looks AMAZING!!

  5. Looks like a fun ending to a great weekend!

  6. Let them eat brioche!!

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