Nick’s On Broadway

When you want a good breakfast and you’re in Rhode Island, you MUST go to Nick’s on Broadway in Providence. You will have to wait for a table, and it won’t be cheap, but it will be one of the best and freshest breakfasts you’ll ever have.

It is MY favorite breakfast place which makes me hesitant to even mention it at all. I don’t have to wait in a longer line ;). I can’t wait for this weekend so PB, my dad and I can go as per our normal weekend R.I. routine! Yum.

The other night I got out of my menu card design meeting at 9:30 PM, with my last meal having been at 3:00 PM. I was starting to panic out of hunger and called my friend Lauren to join me for dinner. She gladly agreed to sit with me while I ate! Such a good friend. We headed over to Nick’s because all I knew was I wanted something light and healthy and Nick’s was the right place for that. I had never had dinner there before as it is always a breakfast place in my heart, but I am glad I did!

We were practically the only ones there and ordered pretty much right away. I ordered a delicious dish of grilled scallops and shrimp over asparagus in a citrus sauce with a side of polenta.

Look at the beautiful presentation:


Here is my side of polenta:


The food there never disappoints. Everything tasted so fresh and yummy. The polenta was super creamy and just the right consistency. There were little bits of onion in it and it was just amazing. It was a little cheesier than I thought it would be, but if you like cheesy dishes this would be perfect for you! The shrimp, scallops and asparagus were all grilled to perfection. I would love to try and recreate the citrus sauce as it added such a refreshing taste to the dish.

I ate all my shrimp, 1 scallop, all my asparagus and 10 healthy bites of the polenta. I had no guilt in eating this meal as everything was fresh as can be and I ate less than 1/4 of the polenta (which was a little heavy). Just enough to make me feel amazing and perfectly satisfied.

With a cup of unsweetened iced tea and good company, I was so super happy to eat such a delicious meal.


Nick’s on Broadway supports local growers and producers, andthey use the freshest ingredients available. Also, every dish is made to order. It is up there in price considering it isn’t a dressy place (my dish was $24 and my side was $5) but with such fresh ingredients, it is worth every penny.

If you ever come to R.I. you really need to check out Nick’s on Broadway for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Next time I go there for breakfast I will be sure to take pics!

Buon appetito!

11 responses to “Nick’s On Broadway

  1. wow sounds like a great and yummy place!

  2. What a great restaurant!! That polenta looks delicious!

  3. OMG – I really wish RI was MUCH closer to CA. That looks freaking amazing! I WANT!!

  4. ok I know this isnt the point but HOW CUTE ARE YOU IN THAT PICTURE.

    onward 🙂

    Id loooove to get to RI, to Nicks, to some cooler temps….
    Im melting here in TX.

  5. Looks like a wonderful place and your meal looks amazing. I wonder what breakfast looks like! Definitely take some pics for us 🙂

  6. Shrimp and scallops with asparagus is probably one of the tastiest meals ever.

  7. that shrimp and asparagus look divine.
    i love little breakfast places!

  8. What a fun place to eat!

  9. thequestfor135

    The BEST breakfast in Rhode Island is sunday brunch at the Bay Voyage in Jamestown.

  10. thequestfor135- OH! I went there for a bridal shower once. it was very tasty!!!

  11. I kind of want to drive down to Providence just to go there!! Looks awesome!!

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