Marriage license!!!!!!!!!

The love of my life, PhillyBoy, stayed into the workday on Tuesday so that we could go and apply for our marriage license!!!!!!

Another negative thing about long distance relationships: someone had to miss a whole day of work just to apply for a marriage license (poor PB, more on that later)!

We showed up with all the right stuff in hand (sort of) and filled out a quick form, which I had to redo because I messed up the first time whoops! The lady helping us was a little mean at first when she saw we only had our passports, but she quickly warmed up with my nervous giggle and PB’s dreamy eyes hahaha

When we finished and left with our license I spotted a person who liked nice so I asked her to take our picture- too bad I didn’t think to move to a better location!


(of course I wore white, wouldn’t you?)

And two pictures outside:



Unfortunately after a magical (but somewhat anti-climatic) morning I took PB to the airport where he sat. all. day! His flight was delayed by almost 6 hours!!! Poor PB!!!! They kept delaying it hour by hour so I couldn’t even pick him back up to hang out at my office for a while! Hopefully knowing that we have our marriage license and he is marrying a dough-topping master like myself made up for it 😉

Yes that was a hint into my next post… which is all about GRILLED PIZZAS!


12 responses to “Marriage license!!!!!!!!!

  1. That’s so exciting!

    When me and the hub got married, we had to get a marriage license where we were getting married – in Florida.

    We are exiting the plane and some one comes running after us – with my husband’s wallet! It had fallen out in his plane seat!

    We couldn’t have gotten married if he didn’t have a photo i.d., so that was so close!

    Mmm….pizza – made one for lunch today at work!


  3. rhodeygirltests

    biz319- wowowow that is crazy!!! thank goodness someone brought out his wallet!

  4. Congrats chick-a-dee!

  5. aww RG ad PB are such an adorable couple!!

    congrats!! You two are just glowing! I love it!

  6. ooooh congrats!!! getting the license is so surreal, right? we definitely took a bunch of pictures at the courthouse too 🙂

  7. Congrats 🙂 You look great!

  8. Congratulations Mrs. PB!!!!!

  9. I would so wear white as well! Afterall, I wore white to my bridal shower too! You are only a bride once!! Wear white every chance you get! hehe!

  10. CONGRATS!!! You guys look way too cute!

  11. YAY Congrats!!! EEEK its so close!!

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