Taking Self-Portraits

I have somehow managed to MASTER taking pics of myself with my friends/PB, but somehow taking self portraits is still SO hard! I really wanted to share my get-my-marriage-license-today outfit since I was so happy giddy, but taking a pic of one’s outfit when you’re home alone is not easy! Look at all my tries:











It’s probably pretty pathetic that I spent 10 minutes trying to take a picture of my white tee and dark jean combo, but I was excited what can I say!

What is equally pathetic? That I just ate my dinner at 4:30 PM!

Any tips on taking a good self-portrait??????


12 responses to “Taking Self-Portraits

  1. Too cute! Reminds me I need to pick up my marriage license too. I find using a self timer can help, and a ledge?

  2. I never mastered the self portrait either!! We must have missed that class πŸ˜‰

    Early bird special for dinner is perfectly fine in my house!

  3. Hahahah how cute. Love the outfit and all the tries πŸ™‚

  4. I think you look so cute!!

    I’m still trying to master all sorts of picture taking skills. Ah the work we put in for the blog! πŸ˜‰

  5. I am horrible at shelf portraits too!

  6. I’m awful at that too – wish I could help. Love the outfit though!!
    Can you share the secret to taking good pics of yourself and someone else?? I have such a hard time with that one also – would love to know your secret!!

  7. Yeah marriage license!!!

    I take awful self portraits. Yours are not THAT bad. Cute shoes.

  8. hahaha…i know what you mean though…ive tried to take pics to show my mom various outfits ive bought, and my photo sesh was very similar to yours!

  9. I can’t pick up my marriage license until 5 days before the wedding. Ack.. makes me feel a bit panicky!!

  10. I can’t do self portraits either. It’s weird because you want to look into the little screen. Your outfit is still awesome! Congrats on getting your marriage license πŸ˜€

  11. use the self timer if your camera has one, that usually works the best! (takes a few tries to get it lined up correctly though.) Your outfit looks great! congrats on getting the marriage license!!

  12. I’m with the others — find the 10 second timer on your camera and put it on the kitchen counter, might take a few tries to get the right angle the first time — but once you’ve got it down you know the right spot to stand every time! Fabu outfit.

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