What do you think of my lunch?

from PhillyBoy:

“What’d you think of my healthy lunch? I just chopped up the veggies, put some spices, put some oil, put on medium heat and walked away and got showered and dressed!! Came back and it was done! (with rice)”


PB is such a healthy boy! Love his lunch! My lunch was to go today… I had an arugula salad with beans, tomatoes, and grilled chicken yum yum!

I had a really difficult time choosing the Rubaway Bar Giveaway winner… After thinking about it all afternoon I have decided on a winner! Victoria! Here is her entry:

1. My forks-and-spoon wind chimes hanging over the sink that my best friend got me.
2. My chrome Kitchenaid mixer named Princess Grace, which is my absolute favorite possession.
3. My peach Emile Henry matching pie dish and loaf pan from Williams Sonoma, helping to make some of my favorite baked dishes possible (and beautiful).
4. My pink pig shaped bowl that my sister got me 🙂
5. The infamous red microwave. Yes, it’s red!

Victoria send me your address and I’ll send you your prize!

Thank you ALL for your amazing entries… I loved reading them and enjoying your kitchen with you!!!


4 responses to “What do you think of my lunch?

  1. Congrats to Victoria!

    I think PB’s lunch looks DEEE-licious! I love sauteed veggies!

  2. A kitchen appliance named Princess Grace?! That is incredible, totally agree with it winning.

  3. Love your blog! I’m excited to keep an eye on all your great recipe ideas!

  4. I think this is a lovely lunch!

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