A chocolate baby belly?

Well this was an interesting one… I feel like I might look like I have that kind of belly because someone sent us this:


That’s my “thought i might be ready for this in the next year or two but it is way too soon to even start thinking babies and wtf is going on?” face.

And that’s’ PB’s way too natural, happy, and relaxed face…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here is a 2nd picture with a pillow baby. After the picture I gave birth to it and laid it to sleep in the guest room:


Ok seriously, someone bought us a LOVELY gift from our registry and it was delivered to us 2 weeks ok in this wrapping, complete with gender neutral baby rattle. It is totally appropriate to post it today because I feel like I look preggers from the chocolate I ate this afternoon… 15 chocolate covered almonds + a big piece of watermelon. Why is it that I can’t indulge anymore without my belly sticking way out? Does that happen to anyone else? The way I look right now I can only imagine how I will look one day when there actually is a little baby growing in there. Also, I am really excited for lots of fresh veggies tomorrow and have a great big salad packed… arugula, romaine, 1/4 avocado, cucumber, tomato lemon juice, and a boiled egg. yum!


18 responses to “A chocolate baby belly?

  1. AHAHA. I laughed so hard at your description of the “thought i might be ready for this in the next year or two but it is way too soon to even start thinking babies and wtf is going on?” face. Oh gosh, haha.

    It was probably the big ol’ slice of watermelon that gave you the food baby belly. All of that water content, maybe? So don’t worry. It’s a happy, healthy baby! 😉

  2. Too funny – maybe the registry store got the gift wrong? I find my belly sticks out when I am full too, it can get uncomfortable.

  3. That is hysterical! Thanks for making me laugh on a Monday morning.

    The term food baby makes me think of the movie Juno, which also makes me laugh… so I’m so glad I read this post! 🙂 Have a good day!

  4. Wait did the store send it like that or did the people wrap it like that? Pretty funny.

    Oh and I always have a small food baby no matter what I eat! It’s so annoying!!!!

  5. Yikes, no pressure or anything to start making babies!

  6. gina (fitnessista)

    ahhhhhh hahahahah!
    no worries, i always have a food baby when i eat, or when i get really starving my stomach pops out
    have a great day!

  7. hahahahah. that is so funny. I would have had that SAME expression!

  8. I had to re-read it just to make sure – so funny!

  9. lol…I am TOTALLY like that too. Last night, for example, I had a HUGE veggie salad and a HUGE fruit salad and a bottle of water and my belly was swollen…it looked like I was three months in 😉

  10. That is so funny!!!

  11. oh my gosh! I just adore these pictures!! you two are really one of the most adorable couples I know! PB looks so happy!!!

  12. hahahhahahahah too funny

  13. I am so excited to read that I am not the only one who gets a food baby!

  14. I promise that a real baby belly is MUCH bigger than a chocolate belly! 😉

  15. That’s so funny. Someone in the store definitely messed up!

  16. OMG! hahaha

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