The PB meets RG Kitchen

Take PB’s AWESOME base kitchen (ikea cabinets + pretty granite and backsplash) and add some registry gifts (yes we are using them a few weeks early- oops!!!) and my touch and you get this…
The pretty mitts hanging on the right wall are from my Nonna. She brought them last time she came and I also have the matching apron and table runner! The tea kettle is another great find. It is by ALESSI (an awesome name) and is actually the same one that we had in my house growing up! It is super pricey, but tea kettles stay out all the time so I wanted something modern, fresh, and longlasting. The olive oil/vinegar set is from Super Fresh for $7.99. Best $8 ever spent!
PB has a rocking sink. Not only is it really deep and wide, but the spout has a little button to change it to a sprayer. I love the simplicity of it. Like our new toaster oven? I do too. You can make MEALS in that thing.
I rotate my cookbooks now and again based on what I feel like cooking… the cookbook of the day rests on this funky music stand my parents bought me when I used to play the trombone. (we are all geeks aren’t we?) My dad bought this painting for PB at Christmas (sssh! we weren’t supposed to do gifts!) It is part of the same collection of the below painting…
I love them both, and in fact this painting inspired all the paint colors I just selected for the condo- painting project starts tomorrow I am so excited! (thank you PB!!!)
Here are the paint colors!
(paint samples)
From left to right: wine rack shaped like a bunch of grapes taken from my parent’s basement, a pretty small bowl from this AWESOME store in Philly (acutally all 3 center pieces were presents from there!!!), a pretty bird bowl (is it a dove?) filled with amazing tomatoes, and the matching bowl filled with PB’s oranges and clementines (he will go through all that produce easily this week- such a healthy guy!). Last, a pretty green vase my auntie gave me when I bought my condo 2 years ago.
The whole kitchen… the painting above the tv matches the other two but is actually painted on tiles I think. I have to say, PB had GREAT taste when he designed his kitchen!
I am realllllly excited to move to Philly. Knowing such a pretty kitchen awaits me makes me even more antsy! Ok Ok, it is mostly the guy that I am excited about, but seriously I love Philly so much! PB has made a great effort to make sure I am very comfortable when I move down…. Not only has he let me put my stuff everywhere, but he has given me his walk-in closet and let me completely redesign the bathrooms. Those things don’t really matter in the end though do they? Well, he has also made sure that I will be happy by introducing me to potential friends (hi girls!!), teaching me how to get around (city life will be very different from my life in suburbia) and in general making me feel safe and loved. Oh! And promising lots and lots and LOTS of visits with my family! Yah!
Anyway, it doesn’t take much to make an unfamiliar kitchen feel like home. A cute little mitt here, a cookbook there, a new painting and lots of laughs and happiness arrives for good.
Only 75 days left!
What are you looking forward to this summer? I am most excited for (in this order):
1. getting married (obvs) and seeing all my family from all over the world
2. going away on a beautiful vacation with PB and spending lots of time together (for the first time- we’ve never spent more than 5 consecutive days together)
3. hosting our first party as husband and wife
4. not having to sit in airports 4 days a month
5. BEACH time!
your turn!!!

19 responses to “The PB meets RG Kitchen

  1. I LOVE darker kitchens – you guys have got a great one!! You have a lot of excitement coming up! Yay!! I’m looking forward to camping, Chicago, bonfires, my birthday 🙂

  2. I`m looking forward to the same things as you! Also, spending lots of time outdoors. What a GORGEOUS kitchen, wow.

  3. What a great kitchen!! Oh, and we’re already using registry gifts and our wedding isn’t til November!

  4. your kitchen looks amazing! those cabinets are great. sometimes i think it would have been nice if my husband and i had done a more traditional wedding, just for the gifts! (is that a horrible thing to think?!)

    i’m just looking forward to summer, period!

  5. I LOVE the kitchen! It looks warm and cozy but simple and stylish at the same time. Very nice job! 🙂

  6. What a beautiful kitchen!

    You have SO much to look forward to this summer!

  7. That is one gorgeous kitchen! I love your little touches!

  8. GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! You have done a great job girl!

  9. ummm..sunshine. thats all i want.

    the kitch looks FAB. our sink does that too, but thats about the only perk we have in our teeny tiny apt. i wish i could get registry gifts now – haha!!

  10. What a beautiful kitchen you are going to move into!

  11. Love the paint colors! And tea kettles…they last a lifetime if you buy a good one. Nice purchase!

  12. I just wanted to say that you’ll love the Duration Paint. We used it last year to paint our kitchen and living room, and loved it so much it’s all we’ve used in the whole house! It just goes on so easily!

  13. Where did you get that painting the one where there are also fresh flowers underneath? Its gorgeous and would go great in my kitchen!!!

  14. rhodeygirltests

    Hi Trina! It’s from a gallery on Federal Hill called Chabot gallery!!! they can make giclee prints too (cheaper so you can do more)!

  15. Aww, your kitchen is lovely! I love the paintings, such a nice touch.

    I love how excited you are! Its infectious… 🙂

  16. Love the kitchen Sabrina!! I will have to talk to you as we design our new kitchen

  17. Wow, what an amazing kitchen! It looks like it’s straight out of a design magazine. You got yourself a good one 🙂

  18. Fabulous kitchen! Ikea is the best, especially when you know how to jazz it up like you guys did. Looks great!

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