Steamed Hot Veggies with Chicken Breast and Brown Rice

How’s that for a vanilla title? haha. boring name, AMAZING flavor and taste.

I was aimlessly walking around Whole Foods tonight after step class (still my favorite weekday hour of the week)  looking for something to make for dinner. I used to plan my meals for the week ahead of time, but now I am only planning breakfast and lunch. It makes my life easier with the madness that is going on to not have to think about the poor veggies going bad at home if I choose to eat out (friend’s house or restaurant) instead of eating them. Anyway, I saw the frozen veggie section and simultaneously received a call from my cousin who told me about her chicken + steamed broccoli dinner. Right then I knew what I wanted to make!

I grabbed a red pepper, frozen broccoli, frozen sugar snap peas (although I meant to get snow peas which I prefer), fresh baby corn, chicken breast (1/2 lb), and water chestnuts.


Side note: What are bamboo shoots? I know now they are not the same thing as I made my Whole Foods guy find out, but I still want to know what they are! They were in a can next to the water chestnuts.

This meal took a little time to put together, but it will feed me for days. I will DEFINITELY be making this again when PB is here or I’m there. I would like to also point out that the ratio of veggie to chicken is high. It made a huge pot of veggies with a teeny bit of chicken.

1/2 lb hormone free chicken breast
1 fresh red pepper, sliced
1/2 white onion, chopped
1 package frozen broccoli
1 package frozen sugar snap peas
10 pieces of baby corn
1 small can water chestnuts
1 cup brown rice (measured before cooking)
2.5 cups water
salt, red pepper, 1 tbs olive oil


1. In a small pot bring 2.5 cups water to a boil. Add a dash of salt and the cup of brown rice. Bring down to a simmer and cook for about 30-45 minutes.
2. Meanwhile steam the frozen veggies and baby corn. Heat up the olive oil in a separate pan and cook the onion for about 10 minutes until soft. Add the chicken and season with salt and red pepper.
2. Once the chicken is cooked (about 10 minutes if you cut the pieces small like I did) add the pepper, water chestnuts and steamed veggies and cook on low until everything is heated through.
2. Serve the chicken/veggie mixture atop brown rice!



I really enjoyed this and am glad I took the extra effort tonight even though I was feeling lazy. Did I mention it is going to feed me all week?

In other news…. check out Tina and Elina’s great recaps on our Boston blogger dinner. It was really fun to see all my new fun friends again, especially since I am moving so soon!

Also, I wrote out our itinerary for our HONEYMOON today and I am so stoked! PB and I are surely going to have the time of our lives!! Check it out!


9 responses to “Steamed Hot Veggies with Chicken Breast and Brown Rice

  1. I love bamboo shoots! I have no idea how to describe them… they have kind of an odd taste, like baby corn does. I’d put them in a stirfry or over a salad.

  2. So simple and delicious! Never had bamboo shoots.

  3. Oh it looks really lovely the kind that i love to eat.. thanks for the recipe and great blog. been reading your blog for a month or so now and am enjoying your creations. will definitely try this..

  4. bamboo shoots can be used in stir frys, just throw them in with the rest of the veggies

  5. Hm I’m not a bamboo shoot expert but I’d say the biggest difference is that water chestnuts are crunchy and bamboo, while firm, is not crunchy. And it has a different taste.

  6. that is my favefavefave meal ever.

    is that sad?

  7. What a great dinner! Gotta love those veggies 🙂

  8. LOVE Bamboo Shoots….Stirfry is incomplete without them.

  9. What a great dinner!
    All those veggies look great!

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