Capriccio Surprise!

Alternate Post title: My friend turned 26 and I found my first wrinkle.

My friend D’s favorite restaurant has always been Capriccio’s in downton Providence. She’s lucky because my all time favorite restaurant (Adesso) closed 5 years ago. Capriccio’s is still going strong. We all wanted to take D out for her 26th birthday, but she denied us since she has 2nd year law school exams. However D is always a celebratory girl, so we surprised her anyway. I facebooked her bf who I hadn’t met yet, and we quickly got on the phone to arrange everything. D thought she was just going out for a quiet night out with him!

Before I tell you about the restaurant, I tell you about the gifts. When I was shopping at the market yesterday I fell in amazement with this huge butterfly balloon, so I decided to buy it for her. Then I went home and changed into comfy clothes to do some wedding stuff, and apparently I was channeling the colorful balloon. See the resemblance?



Colorful RG at home:


D is really easy to buy present for since we have a lot in common, most especially cute boys (have you SEEN PB’s blue eyes??), hot tea, the gym, and yummy healthy food. So I put together a mini care package for her bday. It included this AWESOME oil/salad dressing thing (I also bought one for myself), a tea travel mug, some trail mix from Whole Foods and a box of medjool dates. I wanted this care package too!


Jillian, Loco, Pat and I got to the restaurant early and eagerly awaited D and her bf’s arrival. I had our server take a pic of us!


(from L to R: me, Jillian, Loco, Pat)

When D showed up she was woohoooo surprised!!!! We couldn’t really yell since Capriccio’s is a fancy restaurant, but she was surprised!!


Capriccio’s menu is great, but what I like even more is how accommodating they are to special requests. The way Gina always orders her food makes me feel it is ok to do it in ALL situations too (before I would only order MY way when with PB alone or by myself), so I ordered away! I had the Chilean Sea Bass with no oil or butter, double veg, and a side of angel hair with sauce since I was in a reallllly pasta mood but only wanted a little bit. Jillian had a blackened chicken with no sauce sauce on the side, roasted asparagus and a salad with dressing on the side, and D had a plain filet mignon with a big side of greens with balsamic vinegar on the side. So out of 6 guests, 3 of us ordered food our way. Honestly it makes me sooo happy to be able to order a meal just the way I want it. I enjoy it so much more.

Here are Jillian and Loco posing with their yummy meals (Loco had rigatoni with sauce):


My dish:


D’s dish:


Before we received our entrees we ordered one of the station dishes… There are a few dishes on the menu that they will cook right in front of you… We had a simple sauteed shrimp (I actually didn’t have any but loved seeing the work done!)



And after:


The birthday girl and I loved the show:


After dinner, for D’s birthday, they brought out a small cake. I wanted fun too so I ordered berries with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.


D’s parents came after a function they attended and her dad ordered us a scrumptious bottle of Moet:


Happy Birthday D!!!!


It was a really fun night with good food, good friends, and lots of smiles and laughs. I only wish PB was here!!!!!


In other news… plan for today:
-just got back from gym where I had an AMAZING upper body workout (guess that side of angel hair last night fueled me haha)
-going to pick up Lauren and heading to BOSTON!
-picking up my veil and hairpiece for my hair trial in a few weeks
-going to Bloomie’s to look for a bathing suit and The Container Store for candy scoops for the candy buffet
-fun dinner with my Boston blog friends!

I love my life, my friends both new and old, my family, and so much more… even though I found my first wrinkle (time to invest in serious wrinkle cream I think!!! ewwww!!!! any product suggestions???)

Have a wonderful, safe, and healthy Sunday!!!!!!


17 responses to “Capriccio Surprise!

  1. Have fun in Boston girlie!!! You’ve got some awesome toned arms (4th pic down), looks like your upper body workouts are effective!!!

  2. Looks like it was an awesome birthday!! I need to figure out my hairpiece too soon…no idea what I want!


    and your outfit looks so pretty!!! your bathroom is really pretty too…is that weird? I am always oogling at bloggers’ homes!

    gluck with the bathing suit search! those can either be super frustrating, or fun!

  4. I second the arms comment- damn girl!

    Do you have any pictures or plans for the candy buffet? I was actually at the container getting ideas today. I would love to hear what you have planned!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Aw what a great night! You picked out a killer gift!!

    Hope you had a great Sunday filled with lots of shopping 😉

  6. SO Fun!!! Where are you getting your hair piece?? We are planning to have a candy buffet too!! I am so jealous of your fun day!

    Again so bummed I missed tonight 😦

  7. That sounds so fun! What a great surprise!

    Have fun in Bean-town!

  8. What a fun surprise for you friend! I wish I had friends like that to surprise me 😦

  9. I agree about the arm comments. I noticed them too and they’re amazing!! What is your upper body routine?

    Loved your dinner outfit too btw!

  10. rhodeygirltests

    Thank you all!

    I do upper body circuits about one day a week and every morning I do 5 minutes of random exercises like pushups and dips, but honestly I naturally have toned arms and shoulders. Even when I was a little girl I did, so it doesn’t take much to keep them that way! If only I had the same luck with my belly….

  11. Hey! I just came across your blog and LOVE it. Also the fact that you come from RI is great, I love that state and graduated from Roger Williams about 5 years ago. My sister is graduating from Brown this June and we are looking for restaurants to hold a family dinner at- she was thinking about a place called “Camilles?” Have you heard of this place? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    also- good luck with all the wedding planning, it is bound to be one of the best days of your life

  12. rhodeygirltests

    Beth- Thanks! Camille’s is good. It’s on Federal Hill and it is a little pricey but the food is good. They have an AWESOME gnocchi dish. If you are 6 people or less I would REALLY suggest Siena Restaurant on Federal Hill… every single thing I have eaten there is amazing and delicious. They have a delicious penne ala vodka, a gnocchi in a pesto sauce, light fish dishes, and knock your socks off sweet potato fries. My favorite thing on the menu is their caprese salad which is topped with this amazing balsamic reduction. Siena is more “happening”, but Camille’s has been around forever. Any restaurant on Federal Hill in general will be delicious.

  13. rhodeygirltests

    P.S. Congrats to your sister, and YAY for Rhode Island love!

  14. What a fun night! I’ve never had a surprise party.

  15. what a fun night! looks like a great place! 😉

  16. What a fun night! That was so awesome of you guys to surprise your friend!

  17. Where did you find that oil/salad dressing thing? I love the measurement on there!

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