It’s a Lunch!

It’s a Lunch! It’s a Wrap!

(iPhone pic)

I packed the same lunch Mon-Thur of this week. It would have been Friday too if I hadn’t prepped it last night and then left it out to rot all night. Not smart. This wrap is so delicious, easy to prepare, and filling for less than 400 calories.

Here it is:

1 Joseph’s low carb wrap (100 calories, they can be found in the deli section of your market usually)
2 oz sliced deli turkey (I buy the kind at Whole Foods)
1/4 avocado
60 g black beans (I just smashed up a can of black beans and divided it up)
1/2 oz shredded mozzarella cheese

On the side: 1.5 large sliced carrots

Just put all the ingredients in the center of the wrap, fold it up, and toast in a toaster oven. All the components go really well together! YUMMM!

Calories: 385
Fat: 12 g
Carb: 46 g
Fiber: 12 g
Protein: 26 g

Try this wrap for lunch one day, it will not disappoint!
In other news, PB proposed May 1, 2008! We have been engaged a whole year wowowowowow! Time really flies. I wish I was seeing him this weekend, but sadly we have the weekend off. I miss him! I am sure all you long distancers can relate right?????

Question of the day: When do you read blogs? I usually read my favorite blogs right away when I get into my office in the morning and am eating breakfast, then again around lunch.

15 responses to “It’s a Lunch!

  1. It’s a Wrap! You used the name of my blog! And your wrap/quesadilla is right up my alley. Some of my favorite ingredients. I catch up on my blogs early in the AM and late in the PM.

  2. Yeah for the proposal anniversary! I read blogs in the morning and before bed. I also check in when I need a quick break at work.

  3. That wrap sounds yummy! And congrats on the one year engagement, time DOES fly!

    I read blogs first thing in the morning with coffee/breakfast, and sometimes when I get home from class, and then I like to read after dinner when everyone has updated (if I have time/am still awake)…

  4. Lovely wrap. I need to stock up on the Josep’s next time I come home!

    Happy Anniversary!!! I can’t believe I wasn’t reading then. LOL.

    If I am working I can’t blog read at all. 😦 If I am not working, I can read all day long!

  5. happy anniversary! that lunch looks fabulous. and sabrina, i saw your bathroom-mirror photos that you posted and i think you look fantastic. seriously. i can’t imagine why you want to change a thing. ❤

  6. same schedge! It’s hard for me to resist checking if i’m on a computer somewhere else during the day too!

  7. i miss boyf too.
    but i am going to philly today at noon for a long weekend, so i am happy about that!
    i check blogs constantly all day on my google reader. its an addiction and it may be a problem. 🙂

    check out my giveaway:

  8. Aww, happy 1 year of engagement 🙂 Eee this summer is coming up SO fast!

  9. i work on my computer for most of the day, so i check in on my google reader periodically. otherwise, breakfast time is a good blog time.

    happy anniversary! in one month i’ll be celebrating my one year wedding anniversary; time absolutely flies!

    enjoy your day!

  10. Congrats on your one year!! I love wraps for lunch 🙂

  11. hahah, no. no way can you beat these nachos!!!!

  12. homegirlcaneat

    Congrats one your one year!! So exciting and I love hearing about love! 🙂 I love catch up on blogs after school or at night in bed!

  13. Happy 1 year Engagement Anniversary!!

    I read blogs whenever I can. Life has been very busy lately so it’s really when I have a free moment I check out a few of my favs!

  14. This wrap sounds amazing. I have a bunch of the ingredients on hand (even an open can of beans and an avocado I’ve cut out 1/4 of already). I may just have to have this tomorrow for lunch 🙂

  15. Oh yeah, I do most of my reading in the morning and then when I can sneak some time in later in the day.

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