A Blondie Moment + MOVING

When I rush around a lot I tend to have blondie moments (sorry to all the light haired girls out there!)….

It seems as though my middle of May move out date had to be changed… to next week. Of course that means I have been rushing around since that was decided yesterday…. but my dad had gallery night so I had to go. I got dolled (3/4 length jersey tealength dress + MATCHING leggings and gray peep toe heels) and drove to the gallery.

I was so concerned with getting inside on time that, well, I forgot to not only take out my keys from the ignition… but put my car into park. Thank goodness I have insane reflexes and was able to hop into the car to stop it from rolling away.

Posts are going to be slightly sporadic as I get my life in order, but I will be sure to share my quick-while-packing recipes! Tonight will be the last Pizza Friday in my condo, and that makes me sad. Yesterday marked the exact 2 year anniversary from when I bought the place.

Time has moved so fast.

What’s the plan?
This weekend: Pizza Friday, pack up my stuff, move my clothes + shoes + toiletries + wedding stuff to my dad’s where I will live until the wedding.
Thursday: Pack up a UHaul with all my kitchen stuff + paintings + furniture
Friday AM: Drive a UHaul down to Philly (wish me luck with my bad driving skills)
Friday afternoon: PB and friend unpack the truck while I thank my lucky stars that I mad it in one piece
That weekend: Unpack in Philly


So here is today’s question: When life becomes absolutely insanely busy, how do you stick to your diet and exercise plan?

I hope to eat extremely clean in this next week (like 95% clean) so that it won’t matter that I won’t get many formal workouts in. I will be constantly on the move, but that isn’t the same as a major sweat sesh. So eating clean is my plan. Now your turn…


12 responses to “A Blondie Moment + MOVING

  1. LOL! You can read about my blonde moment from last night’s post. I left my keys in the car’s driver seat all day while I was at work, UNLOCKED with my purse in the trunk too. I’ve also left my car running for over an hour while I shopped b/c I forgot to turn it off. Thankfully it was still there.

  2. I’ve been trying to schedule out my day and make a certain time for exercise, otherwise I’ll fail to get it in…it’s worked somewhat.

  3. Yesterday was my 5 year anniversary for buying my house:) Time flies, doesn’t it?


    I always stick to my “plans,” since I’d become incredibly ill otherwise (oh, Crohn’s Disease..)

  5. AAAAH!!! That would freak me out!! Both the moving date and the car thing!!! Good luck!

  6. “When life becomes absolutely insanely busy, how do you stick to your diet and exercise plan?”

    Unfortunately, I don’t! I think it has to do with making yourself a priority in the face of other obligations, but I have a really difficult time with that. (Also I have a difficult time working out when I’m stressed and tired!)

    Good luck though. 🙂

  7. I’ve done that exact same car thing! I always make sure I have something healthy with me (a bar, fruit, a whole meal sometimes) so I don’t get caught off guard. I try to plan as much as I can in advance but when I can’t stick to my usual eats, I make it work somehow!

  8. Keeping up with yoga and other exercise is what keeps me sane during these crazy times! I’m moving right now too (just got the keys to the new apt today) so I understand how busy and hectic it is.

  9. Your reflexes are awesome!

    Slow down there, busy girl- don’t forget to sleep 🙂 My plan on the busy days is virtually the same as yours. And I try to get in some extra walking- for added exercise AND therapeutic purposes.

  10. great final question and, for me, it is ONE HUNDRED percent making it a priority.

    scheduling it in as I would an urgent appt and (for me) doing it first thing in the morning!!

  11. (if you get a sec would you ponder linking my post about meditation on Yahoo!Shine? the link is on my blog today. Id so appreciate it. Im trying to get MizFit a slot on the FRONT page of shine :))

  12. Good luck with the move! Eating clean sounds like the perfect plan to stay healthy 🙂

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