Celebrate Life! Pomegranate Spritzers with POM juice


OOOooohhhh eeeeee! These Celebrate Life! POM Spritzers were really light and yummy, perfect for an afternoon Easter celebration! Or for any afternoon really!

1 part POM juice, 2 parts pomegranate seltzer, a squeeze of lemon juice
Optional: 3 seconds of vodka (about a shot or an ounce)

The setup on the bar (aka my random console desk thing ha!):

I will admit that I made my cousin use a pretty martini glass so I could document the lovely drink for all of you! It was fancyyyyy


Buy some POM. Not only is the juice tasty, the story behind it is equally amazing!

In other news… tomorrow ends my giveaway for a $15 gift card. Check out this post to see what I’m talking about… keep the donations coming!!!!


10 responses to “Celebrate Life! Pomegranate Spritzers with POM juice

  1. Im with ya on the pom love.


    Husband? Toddler? only with sparkling water mixed in.

    they are wimpy that way 🙂

  2. Three cheers for POM!!

  3. I love POM spritzers!

  4. What a great idea. I still have some POM left.

  5. This looks delish! What a nice presentation for a cocktail!

  6. looks yummy, my parents signature martini for their parties is grand marnier, tequila and pom.

  7. This looks amazing! Great pics too

  8. that pom sprizter looks amazing! pom is greatttt:)

  9. Those spritzers look fantastic! Just stopping by your page and your first page of your about me describes me almost exactly, although I have a CanadianBoy 🙂 Will be back soon! I am getting married exactly 4 weeks before you.

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