Tips for making a roast

I am hosting my first holiday at my condo! It will also be my last, since  I am moving and everything. I have hosted lots of parties but this is the first holiday. After Sunday I will have tons and tons of tips for you on planning ahead (I have already prepped a lot of things for tomorrow), making the most of the morning before the holiday, doing your market shopping, and then the actual recipes of course!

For now I give you the most important tips… for making a roast. I feel like a roast beef tenderloin or a roasted turkey are two of the most daunting tasks for a new cook. It is also one of the most rewarding, as it makes you feel like a real cook!

Here are my tips:
-If handling meat grosses you out, wear dish gloves! I actually have a box of disposable gloves under my sink, and I use them sometimes when handling chicken or beef.

-Buy quality meat. Usually roasts are dressed very simply. If the meat is not of good quality it will NOT taste good! So invest in a good piece of meat. I like to buy beef tenderloin from Venda Ravioli, an Italian market that has an old school meat department.

-Place your roast on a piece of wax paper to season it. Sprinkle your salt and pepper and whatever other seasonings you plan on using. Then take the sides of the paper and press up to the meat on the sides so that the fallen spices make it to the meat!

-Ask your butcher to give it to you trimmed and tied. You don’t want to have to trim the fat and tie up the roast yourself, do you? Any regular meat department will gladly do it for you, especially if you call ahead.

-When the roast comes out of the oven, do NOT slice it right away! Place a piece of tented foil over it and let sit for about an hour before slicing it. If you slice it right away the juices will come out, leaving your roast dry and tasteless.

-ALWAYS have an alternative entree option for any vegetarians. I know this doesn’t really fall in line with roast tips, but I deemed it important enough to mention here. I have been to dinners before where the meal was a meat + starch + 1 vegetable. Since I don’t eat beef very often, I would go home hungry from a few pathetic bites of potato and green beans. I always have something else that would go nicely with the roast, but can also stand alone just fine. Tomorrow it will be farfalle (bowties) with a homemade pesto.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy Easter!


6 responses to “Tips for making a roast

  1. Great tips, Sabrina! I consider myself a decent cook, but am really intimidated by large cuts of meat. I’ve watched my mom make tenderloin a million times, but haven’t tried it myself….maybe I will this weekend! Thanks again! Sorry about the broken egg-fiasco…way to turn it into something great. 🙂

    Kaneil, balanceisbest

  2. So exciting that you’ll be hosting this year!! Have fun and enjoy 🙂

  3. Thanks for all the tips, and HOW FUN that you’re hosting this year!!

  4. have a great party!

  5. Enjoy hosting your first holiday! You will do an amazing job!

  6. Good luck with hosting the holiday! And thanks for those tips. I’ve yet to tackle a roast 🙂

    PS I love that you made use of those cracked eggs. You’re so innovative!!

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