Lunch 04.08.09

I woke up this morning thinking “REPEATER KNEE” “REPEATER KNEE”…. obviously my step class really influences my dream land. I can only imagine what thoughts I will wake up with once I am the instructor for my own class..


This time I mixed it all up before snapping a famous iPhone pic… it’s the only way to eat a salad anyway, isn’t it?

Today’s combo:
baby spinach + butter lettuce
1/4 avocado
2 boiled eggs (overcooked is not as tasty as undercooked)
1 serving of hearts of palm
less than a tablespoon of Annie’s honey mustard dressing


With seltza. I have a can of seltzer almost every day at lunch, I just forget to include it in the pic. It’s been feeling left out lately so I let it sneak in.

Calories: 316
Fat: 23 g
Carbohydrates: 12 g
Fiber: 7 g
Protein: 16 g

Eating fat does not make you fat. At least it doesn’t make me fat.

I realize that every day I am shocked and embarrassed by the grams of fat I have at lunch. I don’t care anymore. I am a person that feels good when I eat a good combo of proteins and fats, and less carbohydrates. It is easier for me to maintain my weight (or lose if that’s what I’m doing at the time), I have more energy, and I feel full longer. I am eating mostly healthy fats, so it is ok right?

and… does anyone else feel like they are having an allergic reaction when eating certain raw fruits? I can’t eat raw apples, apricots, grapes etc without having an itchy mouth or feeling like my throat closes up a little. if you are like me… READ THIS ARTICLE!!!


11 responses to “Lunch 04.08.09

  1. Interesting article. My mouth gets itchy with sooo many raw fruits…but not veggies. Oh, and if they’re at room temperature my throat gets so scratchy and lose my voice…it’s so weird!

  2. Very interesting article. This happens to me when I eat peaches, apples, and cherries (all my favorite fruits!) it’s actually really bad when i eat peaches. I thought I was the only one! I used to eat all these fruits growing up and then all of a sudden I can’t!

  3. rhodeygirltests

    Rachel & Nally: Have you ever experimented with the difference between organic and non organic fruits? I noticed that with conventional peaches my throat starts to close up… but this does not happen with organic ones.. which leads me to believe there is a pesticide issue too. Thoughts?

  4. Repeater knee! Ha. Classic 🙂 It gets in your head!

    I like what you said about eating fat doesn’t mean you’ll be fat. Well stated.

  5. Interesting about the oral allergies- am lucky enough to not have any allergies, thank goodness.

    SO TRUE about your thoughts on eating what makes you feel good and all.

  6. YES I love the fats. They keep me full much longer than protein. Carbs fill me really well when I put butter or pb on them 🙂

    Never heard of the fruit thing, but interesting…

  7. I eat a LOOOOOOTTTTTT of healthy fats – about 70 grams per day.

  8. I agree that eating fat does not make you fat! I also think it’s great to know what works for YOUR body. I actually do believe that some people do better with higher-carb diets, or higher-protein diets, etc. I am finding personally that I really do benefit from a lot of balance.
    Never had a problrm with raw fruits but I am hearing about it a lot lately!

  9. Thanks for the link! Very interesting!! I agree with Lara in that people just need to find what works best for them and not give into the fad diets (cutting out fat completely isn’t healthy like some people think) 🙂

  10. I just read your last post .. when is the race on broad street!? I go to school at JWU and run on that street all the time!!

  11. Hi JJ! Actually.. the broad street run I am referring to is in Philadelphia!

    However, if you are interested, there is an AWESOME race in R.I. called the Rhode Race. It’s on May 3rd… more information is at their website:

    If you do it let me know!!

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