Lunch 04.07.09

Much like my favorite playlist as of late (heartless, gives you hell, right round, lucky, the way you look tonight, and other random PUMP YOU UP then TAKE YOU DOWN songs), lunch is on repeat this week.

That’s just what I do when my week is busy. Pick a healthy and easy lunch and eat the same thing every day.

This week it’s a combo of different types of greens (today it’s baby spinach, butter lettuce, and radicchio) with 2 boiled eggs, 1/4 avocado, a few hearts of palm, and a little dash of Annie’s Honey Mustard dressing (not bad for a random bottled).


And some seltzah of course!

In the last few weeks I have been taking step + kickboxing every Tuesday. I love it so much because it’s fun, the time flies, and I burn 1,000 calories. No joke! I hadn’t left the gym dripping in sweat in the last couple of years, but now I am back to such workouts, and man does it feel good! Since doing these two hour Tuesdays I’ve been getting lots of compliments on my arms! They have actually gone down 1/2 an inch in a month, I consider that a huge victory. So that brings me to my point: strength training is just as important as cardio! When I am rushing around weights are the first thing to go… NO more!!

And, in other news… as soon as I finish eating my tasty lunch I am heading out of the office for a top secret wedding mission!!! Just a little surprise for the love of my life…. If he didn’t read this now and again I would share, but since he does, you’ll just have to guess! I promise I’ll share after July 25th, which, by the way, is 109 days away. errrr… not that I’m counting.

Wedding planning is going well, but all the annoying tasks now need to be done. For example, the day of itinerary. How do I need if I should slot 20 minutes or an hour for the receiving line? (which, unfortunately, we need to have) or…. the fact that I need to write a transportation schedule for the bus for out of town guests, the trolley for our bridal party (so cool!!), and the car or whatever it is we decide to take for my dad and I (and then PB and I). Honestly, those are the details I don’t care much about… I just want to get to the church (somehow) and get married, and then dance the night away with the love of my life and 12,000 of our closest friends and family. Anywayyyy… I will start sharing more details now that it is getting closer!

In the meantime I share with you this…. remember I went to a wedding in Cali a few months ago? Somehow this picture from their wedding ended up on a billboard for a jewelery advertisement… huh?



7 responses to “Lunch 04.07.09

  1. I love “pump you up take you down songs” and I love your name for them too 🙂

  2. The big day is getting close, try not to stress over the little details b/c really they won’t matter in the end!

  3. Haha how funny about the billboard! Yay for top secret wedding surprises 🙂

  4. 109 days is going to go so fast!

  5. I am loving the eggs Sabrina!!

  6. Wow that is some seriously enviable calorie burn! You are going to be such a hot bride. 😀

    I love hearts of palm by the way.

    There are so many details about weddings that need to be planned. It’s kinda scary.

  7. Eek! You are getting married so soon!

    We met with our DJ and he started asking me timeline questions…that added SO many more things to our to-do list.

    Also, I was asked a very interesting question as to how I was planning to get myself and my girls to the venue…who even knew how many details were involved. Now I can see why people do this professionallly!

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