Major delay

I am very excited that I wore my cute but functional deisel sneaks today… Because I needed them!

Walking into the airport I saw that my flight was delayed ohhh 5 hours!!! So I almost turned around. Then I saw the 1220 didn’t leave yet and I started running. I went straight to a southwest rep and paid $50 to get on that earlier flight. I am glad I did (flight is way overbooked + I have a big carryon that needs an A boarding!!!!)

Anyway, I am now happily waiting to board my flight and will hopefully make it to Philly almost at my scheduled time!!!!!!!

Happy Friday all!

Oh, and p.s. Lunch was the same pasta with turkey and artichoke hearts i had the other day!!!

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4 responses to “Major delay

  1. enjoy your weekend away!

  2. Good eyes for noticing the earlier flight… Be safe

  3. Hope you are having a good time!!!

    My bridal shower is today! yippie!
    Just telling you because I figure you can relate hehe!

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