A bare room but a full life.

PhillyBoy just left. Love of my life. He took some of my “stuff” with him, and now my condo is starting to feel bare. See the really ugly pic below?


Those shelves and cases used to be full of memories. Now they are empty, awaiting new ones… in Philly! I am slowly moving down bit by bit, so by the time I officially move out I will only have clothes + furniture left!

I am watching Twilight right now (again), and it really is the perfect way to end my weekend.. which was nuts. Here was the schedule:

Work, pick up invitations from Leanne, gym, market, prep foods for PB and I, set up the invitation assembly line, eat dinner with PB, bed.

7:15 AM wake up call, drive up to Stoughton with PB and dad to look at rentals
noon AMAZING brunch at Nick’s on Broadway
the entire rest of the afternoon and evening: assemble invitations (they are done)
dinner with dad and PB at Siena on Federal Hill

great workout at gym
bfast + church for mass and a meeting with the priest for the wedding
home quickly to straighten up and make lunch/dinner for PB and I
show the condo
pack up a load of stuff for PB to take home. say goodbye
get ready for the week

Fwew. That was INSANE!!!! But we got SO much wedding stuff done this weekend, I can’t believe it is coming so soon! We are sending out our invites tomorrow since we have so many out of town guests! I wish I could freeze time to remember these days forever.

A little wedding planning preview (from the last two weekends of madness)… A small zoomed in portion of one of our many centerpieces (we are doing at least 5 different ones):


And our entree for the reception: Center cut filet mignon with champagne risotto (something my mom was famous for making) with grilled mini zucchini + a fried zucchini flower (seen here with green beans as the zucchini aren’t in season yet) with a drizzle of an awesome sauce that I can’t remember


Ehhhhhh I guess I can give away another little secret… some of our guests read this blog so I don’t want to overshare until the wedding! But… at midnight after loads of dancing we are bringing out a fun treat for the guests!!!!

A sign will read:

“A Philly Boy meets a Rhodey Girl
Enjoy Philadelphia’s Soft Pretzels & R.I.’s frozen Del’s Lemonade”


Fun yes?

Eating while in a rush:
This weekend was all about GO-GO-GO, as many of our lives tend to be. How do you still manage to eat healthy? I always try to keep a healthy emergency snack in my bag (old school granola bar) and prep a bunch of foods ahead of time (like I did Friday afternoon) so that there is always something healthy to grab in a pinch. I also try to stick to my schedule of eating every few hours. If I wait too long between meals I tend to eat wayyyyy too much! Now it’s your turn to share….


12 responses to “A bare room but a full life.

  1. Such busy fun-ness! Pretty flowers.

    I eat healthy by getting my food and meals ready the night before. I figure out what I’ll take for a lunch to work or to class and I make it the night before, whether its salad or frittata or sandwich etc. Even just the act of putting an apple in my bag saves me a bit of time during the day!

  2. I try to keep things like apples, bars, and V8 shot cans in my bag!

  3. I seriously don’t think a day has gone by where I haven’t seen some aspect of the Twilight DVD since I bought it. SO ADDICTING 🙂

    Yay for your wedding being so soon! I am so happy for you!

    I agree with you – if I go too long without eating I tend to eat anything in sight! Packing snacks is key…but I often forget, which is the problem!

  4. Such a fun weekend!! Never heard of champagne risotto, but now I feel the need to search for the recipe!

  5. testkitchenette

    I always have homemade granola (w/ diluted coconut milk) or homemade whole grain muffins for breakfast on hand. I make a big pot of soup/stew to take for lunch throughout the week. I make a dinner entree at the beginning of the week and eat it till its gone. I also keep fruit around (pop it in my lunch bag as well). I also make a “healthy dessert” so I have something sweet to look forward to.
    Also, love your philly boy and rhodey girl food homage you are doing at the wedding. I got married last year and love reading of your plans. I’m a jewelry designer as well. Feel free t peruse at http://stonesandmetal.blogspot.com
    I saw Twilight as well (did not read book) and liked it even though I thought I wouldn’t.
    Have a great week!

  6. Every Sunday we usually prepare a bunch of healthy easy food. I tend to fall apart when I get home from a long day and need to eat something NOW! A lot of times I’ll have a healthy meal in mind..but the thought of all the preparation deters me and shuffles me in the direction of a frozen lean cuisine because its quicker. I usually have hard boiled eggs on hand, veggies already chopped for salad, fresh chicken salad or egg salad made and some others. I always try to make extra for dinner to have leftovers too!

  7. Crazy weekend, indeed! What a fun surprise for your guests!

    I ALWAYS pack food to take with me!

  8. gina (fitnessista)

    i’m SO EXCITED for you– your wedding is going to be incredible! what a fun surprise!
    and er: your comment on my blog, i got the romper at guess. they had it in red and white– i wanted to get all 3 haha. i bought it a few weeks ago so they should still have it. i had to buy it two sizes bigger than i usually wear because the shorts are very SHORT! i didn’t want to look hoochie hahah
    hope you have a wonderful day!

  9. Ah! One of my best friends had a Dels truck at her wedding and it was SO AWESOME. I love local touches like that.

  10. I eat healthy by mainly cooking for myself. there are always ways to make cooking fast, simple and nutritious!

  11. Love all the wedding tidbits, especially the pretzels and lemonade. Such a cute idea.

  12. What a cute idea with the pretzels and the Del’s!

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