PB’s Response

PhillyBoy’s reply to my post on wasting fruit and vegetables. He said the card was kind of made for me (which will NOT apply to me after today, as I bought only what I need from the market yah!):


(Source: someecards.com)

PB makes me laugh. I believe that he sent me this funny card in reply to my little joke on him when he arrived Friday:


He hates it when I leave my water cups all over the place, so to be funny I put out 7 cups on one table hahahah.

So I really want to tell you about Abbie‘s Mashed Cauliflower that I made last week, but my camera is broken again!!!! So I am going to hold off and make it again soon, this time taking pics with PB’s camera! You need to see the picture in order to really appreciate the recipe! I will say it is really good!

It is Sunday and that means that PB has left for Philly so he can get home at a reasonable hour and get ready for his work week. He is coming back this weekend though!

I have some great foods planned for the week, including telling you about the lasagna I made this weekend… can’t wait to show you all!

Question of the weekend: Do supermarkets make you ANGRY? I think we need a  word for the anger I often always feel in the supermarket. I get really angry when they throw my delicate tomatoes on the conveyor belt thing and they get all smooshy, or when I go to grab some strawberries and they are moldy!!! Or when I overhear a conversation between two young clerks that angers and disheartens me. Or even when I see a very overweight child and there isn’t even one fruit or vegetable in his mom’s shopping cart.  Does anything in the supermarket anger you? What?

16 responses to “PB’s Response

  1. Thanks for the shout out lady! So glad that you are liking the cauliflower puree, I bet you would like the broccoli one as well.

    I totally laughed when I read your story about the supermarket. I had a checker literally dump my basket of produce and groceries onto the checkout belt. I was so annoyed, it even popped the foil top off of the yogurt!

  2. i love those someecards!
    The moldy strawberry thing is my major pet peeve…if I’m going to spend boucoup bucks on berries, dang it they better be good!

  3. Definitely anger about things like the strawberries; sadness at all of the processed crap that people eat without even thinking. I have definitely seen the overweight kid with no produce in the cart 😦 It’s really depressing!

  4. I hate when I’m standing at a counter (say the deli counter to get cheese or something) and they act like they don’t see me so they don’t have to do work! Ughh!

  5. i hate the way they handle my produce too!!! i am known to buy way too much produce too, but i don’t usually throw it out, just try desperate to stretch it’s life 🙂

  6. i get angry when i see shoping carts full of processed food.. then i see the person behind the cart and they look old, tired, and are definitely NOT at a healthy weight. plus they spend like 250 bucks..
    i usually dont let them pack up my produce. im super OCD about organizing the food in the bags and if they do it wrong, i will unpack it and repack it right there. no shame i tell you.

    i hate it when i see kids back-talking their parents or being obnoxious and the parents dont say anything about it. it happens all the time at the dance studio my daughter goes to. the little siblings are tearing the place apart and the moms are gossiping and when they finally notice that little jack has climbed on the book shelf and knocked all the magazines off it and is playing with the trophies the dancers won… they simply “gasp!!!” “oh no no no little jack!!!! should you be doing that?!!” and then help them pick up all the magazines.

    i think this is why my daughter is so well- behaved, she wouldnt have made it on the book shelf. lol

    long comment!!! sorry! venting after a night at the dance studio!!! lol

  7. Hahaha, I leave water cups all over the apartment and it drives my husband crazy too! 😀
    You know, I’ve never experienced supermarket anger, although I definitely notice when overweight people have their carts full of nasty eats…

  8. Mariposa: I TOTALLY hear you on the dance studio thing!!! Kids can be crazy, especially when their parents don’t do anything about it!!

  9. I love that ecard!

    Oh, I get so angry sometimes at the grocery store, especially when they put my bananas on the bottom of my bag! They do it all the time… grrr. I actually had a new one last week, some customer decided she didn’t want my groceries near her’s and pushed them literally halfway down the belt. I can’t believe I didn’t say anything to her.

  10. Haha I love Someecards!

    YES!! Supermarkets make me very angry! In one of my posts I went on a tangent about how I’m always in there on a mission and the people with their big A carts and their heads in the clouds drive me INSANE! Oh and the check out thing – I always use u-scan for that reason! Veggies are delicate little things! Phew – that felt good 🙂

  11. OH and one more thing! When I don’t do U-scan/forget my reusable bags, they use SO many flippin plastic bags I feel like I’m committing some sort of crime! Okay, now I’m done haha

  12. LOVE someecards! Such a great site!

    I’m new to your blog and just wanted to say hi. I recently started a blog of y own and hope you check it out 😉

  13. I am glad that I am not the only one that notices unhealthy processed foods and sugared sodas in the carts of overweight people! The other BIG issue I have is people on the cell phone…they made it illegal to talk or text while driving your car in California, they may need to make it illegal to drive your shopping cart while on the phone! I find that people are texting looking at their phone and not looking at the fact that they are blocking the aisles or that they are going to run into you…please people, you are not that important that you need to be texting every minute of the day…whew…just had to get that out.

  14. Awww I feel the same way about supermarkets but I do love them for a lot of reasons like when old married couples shop together and you know they’ve been together forever and shes buying the food that she knows he wants and hes grumpy while foodshopping haha i love cute old people like that

  15. Ha that card is awesome! I am totally going to try out that mashed cauliflower, it looks great. And sometimes I get frustrated in the supermarket for the same reasons you’ve mentioned.

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