Lunch 03.18.09

There is nothing better than leftovers for lunch. I purposely made two portions of dinner last night so I could have one for today! On the menu? Pasta with pesto + fresh mozzarella!

2 oz whole wheat rotini
2 oz fresh mozzarella
bit of homemade pesto

blurry picture:


Calories: 428
Fat: 23 g
Carbs: 44 g
Protein: 20 g
Fiber: 7 g

It really hit the spot for lunch, and that along with my big afternoon snack will be great fuel for my run today! I like to eat a lot more during the day than I do at night. Am I the only one?

Not sure if you noticed but I added a “workout schedule” page on the site for those of you who want to follow my exercise each week.

Mmmmm berrrriessss. I am kind of obsessed with my new berry fun header. Do you like it?! I am working on taking a fancy picture in my hott (with two T’s) apron to maybe put at the top left, but that might take a few weeks!!! Should I or do you like it the way it is? I am starting to love it just like this I think. Zesty and I had a fun time last night designing it, and after a few selections and laughs this is what he/we came up with! If anyone wants a new header or any type of work done to their blogs, just head over to ZestyCook and ask! He is more than willing to help. Oh, and in case you haven’t checked out his site yet, please do! He posted about some great time saving kitchen tips today. One thing I think he is missing though (but almost got): At the beginning of the week I measure out portions of the foods I know I will eat every day that week, for example my oatmeal toppings or my fruit for my afternoon snack, or my yogurt. That way throughout the week when I need to pack my food for the day I just grab one of the containers and pop it in my BuiltNY bag. Definitely saves time!! Thanks again, Zesty, for the fabs work.. can’t wait to work with you again!!!!

10 responses to “Lunch 03.18.09

  1. I also like to eat more during the day than at night! I am working on it, at the very least!
    I am glad you found my blog! I live (and study) in the Czech Republic…

  2. Hey lady! I saw that you commented on my site! Thanks! Just wanted to say that I love your blog and am very impressed by your weight loss. Your abs look great…makes me want to work harder on mine! Do you maintain your weightloss mainly through diet or do you exercise too?

  3. rhodeygirltests

    Jennifer- Thanks! Kind of a tough question since they are so tightly linked, but I would say that I maintain mainly through diet, but make improvements through exercise, if that makes sense? I currently exercise about 3-4 times a week, average 45 minutes each time (60 one day, 30 the next time etc), but now that warmer weather is here it will probably be more! The best piece of advice that someone gave me regarding maintaining my weight loss is to keep up the strength training no matter what (since more muscle = higher calorie burn all day long) and to always be reasonable with my diet. I try to do both, so even if I don’t get out for a nice run or get in a good sweat some days, I try to at least do a few strengthening exercises (favorites = ab exercises + plank + pushups + lunges). Also, I recently added my workout schedule on a separate tab up top so you can follow my workouts!

  4. I like the new header a lot. Not sure about the extra pic – could be cute too ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your lunch looks simple but very delicious. I love leftovers!
    I usually need a much smaller dinner to satisfy myself but then dessert usually tops me off, calorie wise.

  5. Oh I ADORE your new header!! Stunning ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also adore pesto – one of the best toppings for just about anything!

  6. I tend to eat more on days that I run too. Just curious – what’s your afternoon snack of choice?

  7. rhodeygirltests

    Hi Rose!! If I have a light lunch my afternoon snack is usually yogurt (app. 120 cals) + some berries (60 cals worth) + 60 calories of something crunchy like granola or nuts. If I have a heavy lunch I usually have a serving of fruit + small granola bar or half larabar… for example an apple and a 90 calorie granola bar!!!

    I like to have something that fills me up but doesn’t weigh me down as I usually exercise after work.

  8. I love the new header and the weekly work outs!!

    And that lunch looks fabulous!!

  9. Aw love what you’ve done with the layout! Zesty is pretty awesome.

  10. Wow! We have similar stories! I am 5’7” and my weight went up to 155…then I lost a bunch and the smallest I got was 125….I maintained 127 for about 3 years and then my Dad passed away and I put on a little weight this past year. I started weight lifting really hard and now I’m about 137 put I have an extra 6-8 lbs of muscle on me. I’d like to keep that muscle and get back to the 127 range though. Way to go! Keep up the great work!

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